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Kid Galahad

Elvis plays Walter Gulick,newly home from the Army, who becomes a sparring partner at a fighters' training camp owned by Willy Grogan (Gig Young). Walter is not too good a fighter, but has a powerful right hand. Willy readily sees money-making potential in that right punch, and starts in to use Walter as a means to pay off his own gambling debt.

Enter Willy's lovely sister, Rose (played by Joan Blackman who also appeared in Blue Hawaii). When she arrives to stay at the camp, she and Walter fall for each other hard. They plan to marry as soon as Walter quits the ring and goes into business for himself, but Willy opposes the match because of his low opinion of fighters. Meanwhile, a big-money fight looms, in which Walter isdeliberately overmatched with a powerful fighter managed by the hood to whom Willy is indebted.Despite violent attempts to ensure Walter's defeat, the underdog KOs his opponent and wins both the fight and a new wife.


Joan Blackman
"Rose Grogan"

Joan Blackman was born on May 18, 1938, in San Francisco, California. Her first film appearance was in 1958ís Good Day for a Hanging with Fred MacMurray. Following this came The Great Imposter with Tony Curtis and Visit to a Small Planet with Jerry Lewis.

Blackman had already been fortunate to work with some wonderful leading men, but now she was about to work with one of the hottest of them all: Elvis Presley. The film was called Blue Hawaii and Joan was to play Elvisí leading lady, Maile Duvall. In the movie, Maileís lover, Chad [Elvis], has just returned to his home in Hawaii after serving in the army for 2 years. To escape working at his fatherís pineapple business, Chad lands a job at the local tourist agency where Maile works as a tour guide. Chadís first ignment is to take a very attractive school teacher, Miss Prentice, and her 4 teenage students, on tours of the island. Maile decides Miss Prentice likes Chad a little too much and all goes wrong! Happily, however, all is remedied - and Chad and Maile wed in a grand wedding finale fit for a King! I Canít Help Falling in Love with You and Hawaiian Wedding Song were only two of the beautiful hit songs to emerge from Blue Hawaii.

In 1962, Blackman again costarred with Elvis...this time as Rose Grogan, sister of Elvisí boss, in Kid Galahad. This film was a remake of the 1937 vehicle starring Humphrey Bogart.

After her work with the King, Joan starred in a few more films including Macon County Line with Max Baer, and Return To Waterloo.


Gig Young
"Willy Grogan "

Byron Elsworth Barr was born on November 4, 1913 in St. Cloud, Minnesota, but raised in Washington DC. He developed a passion for the theatre while appearing in high school plays, then after some amateur experience, he applied for and received a scholarship to the acclaimed Pasadena Community Playhouse. Keeping busy by acting and by moonlighting at a gasoline station, he appeared in no less than fifteen films between 1940 and 1942. He had been using the screen name of Byron Barr (and occasionally Bryant Fleming or Ronald Reed), but this caused as problem as there was already a known actor with that name. Besides, the Powers That Be deemed the formal sounding name not in keeping with his jovial, light personna. In 1942, he played a character named Gig Young in the film, The Sisters. The actor liked the sound of that name and adopted it thereafter as his own.

As with many other male stars of the 1940s, Young's career was interrupted by World War II. Following a brief stint with the Coast Guard, he soon returned to establish himself as a reliable player of light leading men roles, usually playing second fiddle to the bigger stars. A good example of this is seen in his frequent pairing with Doris Day. He was in several of her movies, including, Young at Heart (1954), Teacher's Pet, Tunnel of Love (both 1958), and That Touch of Mink (1962) - perpetually losing Doris to Frank Sinatra, Cary Grant, Clark Gable or Gene Kelly.

While Young might sometimes have "lost the ", he won acclaim via Academy Award nominations in 1951 for his dramatic role in Come Fill the Cup and in 1958 for a comedic turn in Teacher's Pet. In 1969, he at last won the Best Actor award for his seedy portrayal of a dance-marathon emcee in They Shoot Horses, Don't They?(with Jane Fonda and Chris Sarandon).

Young appeared in some 75 movies throughout his career. In 1962, he teamed with the King of Rock and Roll in Kid Galahad. Young was cast as Willy Grogan, the owner of a fighters' training camp at which Elvis's character participates.

Gig Young's private life was a somewhat rocky one. He was an alcoholic who had a succession of failed marriages (second wife, Sophia Rosenstein died after two years of marriage). His third spouse was "Bewitched" star, Elizabeth Montgomery, to whom he was wed for the seven years preceeding her famed television role. In September of 1978, Young married his fifth wife, Kim Schmidt (thirty-three years his junior) whom he had met while filming The Game of Love in Hong Kong. Three weeks into the marriage, Gig Young shot his wife - and then himself - in the head with a .38 revolver to fulfill an apparent death pact. Investigators are still not clear on the tragic details, but were surprised to discover an additional three revolvers and 350 rounds of ammunition in the apartment. Young was not quite 65, his bride 31.


Lola Albright
"Dolly Fletcher"


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