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Easy come ~ Easy Go!

One of The King's most popular movies, Elvis hits the high seas in this action-packed romance and adventure tale. Here he's a navy frogman who discovers buried treasure and sets out to retrieve it with the aid of the skipper's lovely daughter. The pair battle both underwater and landgoing foes....some unscrupulous plunderers trying to claim the treasure first who will stop at nothing to foil our hero.

Pat Priest
"Dina Bishop"

Pat Priest was born on August 15,1936, in Bountiful, Utah. Pat's first role in a Hollywood movie was in 1955's East of Eden, but her performance as a student was uncredited. Following this, Priest appeared in 2 episodes of television's Perry Mason and 3 episodes of Bewitched. The actress's work on TV Shows paid off when she was chosen to be a regular cast member of the popular show, The Munsters. From 1964-1966 Priest played the family's niece, Marilyn. Unlike her spoofed horror movie family members (uncle Fred/ Frankenstein and cousin Eddie/wolfman, for example),the lovely - and normal- Marilyn is considered by them to be the odd one of the family.

After her stint in The Munsters, Pat won a starring with Elvis Presley in the 1967 film Easy Come, Easy Go. She plays the character, Dina Bishop, who gets in Elvis' way as he is looking for treasure.

After working with the King, Priest starred in the movies The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant and Some Call it Loving. Pat's last film to date was the 1995 movie Here Come the Munsters, in which she made a special appearance.

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