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Elvis plays backwoods crooner, Toby Kwimper, in this film which features such songs as Wonderful Life and I'm Not the Marrying Kind.

Pop Kwimper (Arthur O'Connell) gathers his family together and decides its time to follow their dream to Florida. When their car runs out of gas on a Florida highway, a state patrolman tries to run them off, but Pop Kwimper stubbornly decides that that is exactly where they are supposed to stay. Pop and Toby, along with three orphan children they've taken in start their own little homestead along a strip of the roadside. The spot they choose is unclaimed government property, on which the fishing is good and the living is easy. Trouble ensues when the the state supervisor dispatches a lovely social worker (Joanna Moore) to the Kwimper camp in an attempt to take away Ariadne and the twins.

Anne Helm
"Holly Jones"

Anne Helm was born September 12, 1938, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. At the age of 14, Anne began the study of dance at New York’s Metropolitan Opera Ballet School. She also took up modeling to help pay for expenses at home. By 17, Helm had done many television commercials and began to guest star on several TV Shows such as Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Perry Mason.

In 1960, Anne had the pleasure of making her first film Desire in the Dust. This led to the role of Princess Helene in The Magic Sword. Helm was then chosen to co- star with Elvis Presley in 1962’s Follow That Dream. She portrayed the role of Elvis’ leading lady, Holly Jones.

Through out the rest of the 60’s, Anne was in some more movies such as Honeymoon Hotel and The Unkissed Bride, but she also appeared on many television shows. The F.B.I. and The Virginian are a few examples. In the 70’s and 80’s, Helm did a few other acting projects.

Anne Helm’s last work to date was in 1986 when she did an episode of Amazing Stories.

Helm is currently married to her second husband, Robert Viharo. They have a daughter, Serena Viharo, who is also an actress and model. Anne is also involved in writing children's books and teaching art. Today, Helm's memory of Elvis is: "He was a very special and dear friend to me while we were working on location. As an actress, Follow That Dream was by far my favorite movie to be in. Elvis had a great sense of humor and was so much fun to be with...we had a very sweet summer romance."

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Arthur O'Connell
"Pop Kwimper"

Arthur O’Connell was born on March 29, 1908, in New York City. O’Connell’s first role in a Hollywood film was in 1938’s Freshman Year. Among other opportunities that followed, Arthur was chosen for a role in 1941’s Citizen Kane, but his portrayal of a reporter was uncredited. O’Connell did many other movies such as Bus Stop with Marilyn Monroe, and April Love with Shirley Jones. He was chosen to play James Stewart’s boozy attorney mentor in 1959’s Anatomy of a Murder which won him an Oscar nomination. After Anatomy of a Murder, Arthur co-starred in movies such as The Great Imposter and Pocket Full of Miracles. Interestingly, the latter also featured other Elvis alumni: Hope Lange (Wild in the Country and Ann-Margret(Viva, Las Vegas).

Established as a character actor, O’Connell was just right to portray Elvis’s father in two films: 1962’s Follow That Dream and Kissin Cousins in 1964. Following his Elvis flicks, Arthur starred in many other films, but in the seventies he had to start cutting back on his acting because he had an illness. Despite his illness, he continue to be very active as a commercial spokesman for a popular toothpaste.

On May 18, 1981, in Woodland Hills California, Arthur O’Connell died of complications from Alzheimer’s disease.

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Roland Winters
"The Judge"

Roland Winternitz was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on November 22, 1904. As he grew up in Boston, Roland’s father was first violinist and concert master of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. At the age of 19, Winters began acting on stage in stock companies, and by 1933 was a successful supporting player. Winters also did many radio appearances on shows including the Kate Smith Show and Henry Aldrich. During this time, Roland made his film debut in 1922’s The Firebrand in which he had a brief appearance. In 1946, Winters made the first of his Charlie Chan series,in which he played the lead role of the venerable detective. The series included The Chinese Ring, The Golden Eye, and The Sky Dragon. Winters also made some other motion pictures such as Cry of the City and Once More, My Darling.

Throughout the 1950’s, Roland continued movies but he was also appeared on the television series Meet Millie, Mama, and Door with No Name. In 1961, Winters was chosen to co-star with the very popular Elvis Presley in Blue Hawaii. He played Fred Gates, Elvis’ father who wants his son to work at the family pineapple business. After doing the movie Everything’s Ducky, Roland worked with the King again. This time in Follow That Dream in which he played the judge.

By the late 60’s, Winters returned to Broadway and did the musical Minnie’s Boys. In 1979, Roland made his last acting appearance in the TV movie You Can’t Go Home Again. Roland Winters died on October 22, 1989, in Englewood, N.J., of a stroke.

Joanna Moore
"Alisha Claypoole "

Born Joanna Cook Moore in November of 1934, the graceful beauty with the lilting southern accent made a solid mark in the TV and movie industry. She took the stage and studio in 1957 - and appeared in scores of television programs (mostly westerns) and some 18 films. "Andy Griffith" show fans will remember her steady role as Peggy McMillan during several episodes of the classic sitcom's 1960 season. Moore played the skeet-shooting girlfriend of Sheriff Andy Taylor. Two years later, the actress was chosen to play opposite Elvis in Follow That Dream. Moore played Alisha Claypoole, the State Welfare Supervisor sent to set straight the Kwimper family.

In 1963, Moore wed actor Ryan O'Neal. Unfortunately, their union was not to be an enduring love story. Wed for only four years, the couple had two children, Tatum and Griffin. In 1967, they divorced, as Joanna continued to pursue her busy television career. In 1970, the actress was hospitalized for amphetamine and alcohol addiction. At that time ex-husband Ryan assumed custody of the children. Returning to her work, Joanna made further TV appearances as late at 1974 ("Petrocelli") and made the occasional TV movie as recently as 1984 (Run, Chrissie, Run).

Inheriting Joanna's and Ryan's talent, daughter Tatum had a successful screen venture of her own. The nine year old debuted as Addie Pray (co-starring with dad, Ryan) in the Peter Bogdanovich Depression- era movie, Paper Moon. Young Tatum charmed audiences with her tough-talking, cigarette-smoking, con artist tyke. On the night of April 2, 1974, she won the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award and became the youngest Oscar winner in history.

On November 22, 1997, Joanna Moore passed away at the age of 63. Her death came as a result of lung cancer.


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