Elvis! the king and his court: kissin' cousins
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The U.S. Airforce wants to erect a gigantic missile base at the top of a mountain in Tennessee called Big Smoky. One problem: the mountain is owned by a wary hillbilly moonshiner, named Pappy Tatum, who is afraid these are Revenuers coming to take away his still. Aided by his wife, two daughters, and nephew, Jodie (played by Elvis), Tatum manages to ward off the intruders.

The Air Force comes up with a plan. They know of a young enlisted man who was born in Big Smoky whom they think will be able to make more headway with the hillbillies. The young Lieutenant,Josh Morgan(also Elvis), and his Captain (Jack Albertson) are sent Tennessee to get Pappy's permission to lease the property. When the two officers and their squadron arrive,they are captured by the Tatums. Everyone is amazed to see that Lt. Morgan and Jodie Tatum are the "spit and image" of one another... with one exception-one is blond and one is dark. As they come to find out, Josh's great-aunt had married a Tatum, which they happily decide has made them kissin' cousins!

Yvonne Craig
"Azalea Tatum"

Yvonne Craig was born on May 16, 1937, in Taylorsville, Illinois. At the age of 10, Yvonne began her study of the art of ballet. While dancing in a Christmas show, Craig caught the eye of prima ballerina Alexandra Danilova. Danilova was so impressed, she had Yvonne audition for George Balanchine of the School of American Ballet - and Fergei J. Denham of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. Both companies excepted her, and Craig chose the Ballet Russe. Yvonne was one of the youngest members there, being only 16. In 1957, Craig left the Ballet Russe and went to the Eugene Loring School in Los Angeles. Earlier while at the Ballet Russe, Yvonne had been approached by a few Hollywood producers if she was interested in acting. Craig’s response was no since she was a dancer, but after she left Ballet Russe her answer was yes.

Yvonne’s first film was 1957’s The Young Land. After doing her next film, Eighteen and Anxious, Craig got to dance with Bing Crosby in High Time ( 1960 ). Soon after, Yvonne married Jimmy Boyd, but the marriage only lasted 2 years. After doing films such as Gidget and By Love Possessed ; Craig was chosen to star in 2 films with Elvis Presley. Yvonne’s first movie with The King was It Happened at the World’s Fair, and portrayed the role of Dorothy Johnson. While filming, Presley and Craig had a brief romance. Kissin’ Cousins was her second Elvis movie. This time played Azalea Tatum.

In the late 1960s, Yvonne began appearing on television shows such as “Star Trek”, “It Takes a Thief”, and in her most famous as Batgirl on the popular 1966 series “Batman”. In the seventies Craig wasn’t in many films since she refused bikini roles, so she tried her hand at coproducing. Yvonne then went into real estate business. In 1988, Craig married real-estate developer, Kenneth Aldrich . Craig’s latest film was 1990’s Diggin’ Up Business. Yvonne recently wrote her autobiography, entitled From Ballet to the Batcave and Beyond.

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Arthur O'Connell
"Pappy Tatum"

Arthur O’Connell was born on March 29, 1908, in New York City. O’Connell’s first role in a Hollywood film was in 1938’s Freshman Year. Among other opportunities that followed, Arthur was chosen for a role in 1941’s Citizen Kane, but his portrayal of a reporter was uncredited. O’Connell did many other movies such as Bus Stop with Marilyn Monroe, and April Love with Shirley Jones. He was chosen to play James Stewart’s boozy attorney mentor in 1959’s Anatomy of a Murder which won him an Oscar nomination. After Anatomy of a Murder, Arthur co-starred in movies such as The Great Imposter and Pocket Full of Miracles. Interestingly, the latter also featured other Elvis alumni: Hope Lange (Wild in the Country and Ann-Margret(Viva, Las Vegas).

Established as a character actor, O’Connell was just right to portray Elvis’s father in two films: 1962’s Follow That Dream and Kissin Cousins in 1964. Following his Elvis flicks, Arthur starred in many other films, but in the seventies he had to start cutting back on his acting because he had an illness. Despite his illness, he continue to be very active as a commercial spokesman for a popular toothpaste.

On May 18, 1981, in Woodland Hills California, Arthur O’Connell died of complications from Alzheimer’s disease.

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Cynthia Pepper
"Corporal Midge Riley"

Cynthia Pepper was born on September 4, 1940, in Hollywood, California, to Jack and Dawn Culpepper. Cynthia’s father was a vaudeville performer, therefore, she was some what already into show business. In 1950, Pepper had an uncredited role in the film Cheaper by the Dozen, but her first real break came in 1960 when she began to co-star on the popular television series My Three Sons. Cynthia played Jean Pearson, the girlfriend of the eldest son, Mike. After a year of My Three Sons, Pepper began a new TV show, Margie. This time Cynthia played the starring role, but the success of the series did not last long, therefore, the show lasted only a year.

Following her appearance in the 1963 movie Take Her, She’s Mine with James Stewart and Sandra Dee, Pepper was chosen to co-star in Elvis Presley’s next film Kissin Cousins. Cynthia played Corporal Midge Riley, the main love interest of the “Blonde Elvis”. As Corporal Riley, Pepper got to do a few judo throws on Elvis and is probably the only Presley leading lady to be refered to as “pretty as a speckled pup.”

Throughout the 60’s, Cynthia appeared on such television series as Perry Mason and The Addams Family. To date, Pepper’s last acting appearance was in 1979 when she appeared in the TV movie Crisis in Mid-Air. Today, Cynthia appears at autograph shows and some Elvis gatherings with his other leading ladies.

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Jack Albertson

"Captain Robert Salbo"


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