un-veiling an un-believable new product!


What's missing from your bag of tricks?
The only product with more uses than duct tape....

un-du adhesive remover!

It will actualy remove duct tape from a tissue paper without damaging it!

Use what the pro's use to safely remove price stickers from your greatest finds with confidence!!!

Who hasn't come "un-glued" from trying to remove a price sticker from something, only to leave behind some scratches, tears or worse? How about a child's sticker from furniture? Gum from a new blouse? Just a few drops of un-du will safely and easily un-stick these problems and many more. One bottle easily lasts me through the removal of Hundreds of stickers! See list below for more uses & ideas.

Use un-do on:

Use un-do to safely remove:

4 oz. Bottle w/Attached Applicator - $8.99 ea. + S&H
32 oz. Refill Bottle - $24.99 + S&H

The environmentally friendly solution temporarily neutralizes oil based adhesives and then quickly evaporates. All you have to do is sqeeze a few drops of the non-abrasive liquid into the attached applicator. It conveniently delivers un-du beneath the surface of the adhesive and then safely lifts it away. There is no need to let un-du soak in, because it works on contact. If any residue remains, apply a few more drops and wipe clean!

Best of all, un-du will not stain and is safe to use on almost any surface. You'll experience no lingering odors or oily residues. Even on sufaces as delicate a silk blouse or tissue paper, it's use is undetectable. This amazing product removes oil based adhesives from everything, everywhere. And it's for everyone!

This product does not work on some water based glues, but they are rarely used except in some older industrial applications. This product is also not available to ship to CA at this time due to their crazy restrictions.


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