.....Your wife/girlfriend/mom sends you to the grocery store with two bucks to buy bread for dinner, and you come home with a HW Bread Truck and an Oscar Wienermobile

.....You have more invested in your collection than you do in the real car that you drive

.....You refer to your car as a 1:1 scale model

.....You have ever tried to find a HW Model of your real car

.....You have ever argued about calling the new wheel Saw Blades, Directionals or Tri-Blades

.....You see a new wheel and buy as many different models with that wheel as you can find

.....While trying to decide where to eat out on Fri. Nites, everyone but you rolls their eyes at the mere mention of Chuck E. Cheese Pizza

.....The local Toy's "R" Us runs out of HW stock, and they call you for a shipment

.....You own more than one color of a model just because it has a different wheel, interior or base variation

.....You look in Rec.Toys.Cars more than three times a day

.....Your teenage son says that he saw a new car today, and you ask, "Target or Wal-Mart?"

.....No matter HOW much you are in a hurry, you absolutely, positively, without a question CANNOT pass a Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target, etc. without stopping to go in and check the pegs!

.....And if somehow you DO manage to pass by that Wal-Mart, KMart, Target, etc., you feel you're "missing" something...for example, the Treasure Hunt car that you imagine is sitting there, hanging on a peg and waiting for nobody but YOU!

.....Your car automatically turns into the parking lots of where Hot Wheels are sold

.....When you go shopping with your mate, you still automatically park at the Garden/Auto Center Entrance

.....The light's got turned off, cause you "forgot" to pay the bill, but you remembered to put the Great New Finds into Protecto-Pacs

.....You ever donated plasma to get a HW car

.....You have a weekly budget including HW cars

.....You get up at 5 AM in the morning on weekends just to be the first to the flea market so no one gets that car you might want

.....Your heart rate goes up just thinking about spotting a new Treasure Hunt on the pegs!

.....Your son asks if it's OK to take HIS cars out of the BP's !!!

.....All your relatives just received a free years supply of Coronet Towels

.....Every time you pass an Chevy dealer, #505 flashes before your eyes

.....You had your driveway painted orange with a checkered mailbox

.....You turn in your recycled pop cans for money to buy cars

.....You see a Mazda 626 drive by and think: "cool.... ultra hots!"

.....You look at real cars on the highway and pick out ones that there are HW versions of, and call them by that name

.....You look at real cars' wheels and start identifying 3 spokes, 5 spokes, etc.

.....You refer to real cars as "real cars" or 1:1 scale

.....You look for excuses to go to the store

.....When you go on vacation, you stop at every TRU, Wal-mart, K-mart, and Target in sight along the way

.....You reference places by what toy or department store they're near

.....You have dreams of walking into TRU and finding vast isles of HWs with all new cars

.....You're going out of town on a business trip or vacation, and you research in advance where all the Wal-Mart, Target, Toys-R-Us, and other stores are located, then plan your meetings to allow you time to hit them all!

.....and if the meeting runs long and you start getting anxious, and lose track of what's going on, because you know you won't have time to make them all before you have to be at the airport

.....While having never eaten Malt-O-Meal, you have six unopened boxes in your cupboard

.....You had actually developed a taste for Fruity Pebbles, and long for the days of free Flintmobiles to return

.....You get up in the morning, have your Lucky Charms, go to work, lunch at McDonalds, go home, fix Van De Camps fish sticks & Kraft dinner for supper, or on special dates go to Chuck E. Cheese's, and before bed, brush your teeth with Aquafresh

.....You've ever bought a car somewhere, paying $2 or more, and then later finding that SAME car on the pegs

.....If you've ever told people to WAIT, they will come!

.....You've ever traded thru the snail mail and don't mind paying twice what the car is worth to ship

.....You have $15-30 Dollars in HW's and $60-90 in paint

.....When someone is looking for a wheel variation, you say you have one, only to realize later that YOU made that one

.....You get up in the morning read the Diecast Digest, get your coffee, and head to the shop, (the custom shop you have in the garage)

.....You have more variations of a 65 Mustang Convertible than HW ever imagined

.....Your grass in the backyard is dying, but looks cool as Magenta & Ice Blue

.....At least 1/2 of your collection are homemade

.....You've ever bought two cars just to get the wheels off of one, and the body off another

.....You've ever gone thru your old box of cars and brought a lot of them back to life

.....You've ever made a Custom, and it looks better than you 1:1 car

.....You've figured out how to tap the rivet and put a jewel screw in the hole

.....Your workbench in the garage has more HW's (and parts) on it than tools

.....Your workbench in the garage has it's own pegs, and they are all stocked better than Wal-mart

.....You've ever looked at a HW and said it would be awesome in another color, then bought it and the paint to go with it

.....When someone brags about buying HW's for $.67 and you know you can't cause paint cost $2.50 a can

.....You have a big enough pile of rivet shavings on the garage floor to mold another HW

.....You've ever found a dealer that will sell your extra cars

.....You go to Flea Markets/Yard Sales/Junk Dealers to buy red lines that are in BAD shape

.....You start buying Matchbox's when there aren't any new Hot Wheels on the pegs

.....The coffee mug you drink from has as much paint on it as the garage floor

.....The ashtray in the garage is full, your collection shelf is full, and your wallet is empty

.....You have ever gotten home from work to find 5 priority mail packages sitting on your front porch

.....You have ever thought about driving 2 hours to go to another city (or area) just to look for cars

.....You make lists of Hot Wheels in the blank spaces on the church bulletin during the sermon

.....You've ever opened a Target or TRU charge account and only use it for HW's

.....Tears come to your eyes, when you realize that your charge card is over limit, and SOME of the cars have to go back

.....You have at least one closet in your house dedicated to Hot Wheels only

.....You've ever run out of stamps to mail your bills, but you get those eBay auction wins & trade boxes mailed on time

.....You lie at the checkout counter and say "they're for my kids/grandkids"

.....You stash your current finds under the bed so your mate won't find them and make a scene

.....You go to a HW show and only take a limited amount of cash so you won't go overboard

.....You study the new Tomart's more than you've ever studied a schoolbook

.....You have at least one room dedicated to Hot Wheels

.....You convince your mate to build new shelves in the guest room to display your Hot Wheels

.....You can remember to dust your collection, but forget your clothes on the floor

.....You've ever had to purchase another suitcase on vacation to bring all your finds home

.....You map out the best/fastest route from one dept. store to the next

.....You go to the grocery store to buy groceries and end up spending more on your Hot Wheels go to wal-mart, target, etc. before they close and fix the cars on the pegs, so when they open in the morning you know where to look for the new cars!!!!

.....You make up lists like these from your own experiences!

.....You read lists like these, and realize that they ARE YOU!!!!!!

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