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When Charles Brady King drove his "horseless carriage" down Woodward Avenue on March 6th, 1896, Detroit, Michigan saw it's first car. Obviously the citizens liked what they saw and soon after Olds became the first to manufacture automobiles in Detroit - then came the Dodge Brothers. In 1913, Henry Ford began his now-famos assembly line at the Highland Park plant, and by 1927 he had produced over 15 million Model Ts.
Over the years more than three hundred and fifty companies have produced cars in and around Detroit. However, the "boom or bust" economic cycles forced most of them to close their doors, and by 1996 only the Big Three remained in the area we've come to know as the Motor City. We pay tribute to the hub of our country's automobile culture with our Motor City Classics. Eight 1:64 scale models of the coolest cars the Motor City has ever produced.

55560 '70 Chevelle SSBlack w/White Stripeschr hub w/White Letter Goodyear RR's$16.00
55561'68 MustangPearl White w/Black Stripes & Int., Tinted Windows & Unpainted Metal Base 6sp PC$12.00
55562'67 CamaroLt. Blue w/White Stripes chr hub w/White Letter Goodyear RR's$18.00
55563'68 El CaminoYellow w/Satin Black Top, Black Int. & Rear Wing, Lt. Tinted Windows, Unpainted Metal Basechr hub w/White Letter Goodyear RR's $10.00
55564'67 GTO Green w/Black Topchr hub w/Redline RR'sHAVE
55565'70 Plymouth RoadrunnerGrey w/Black Topchr hub w/White Letter Goodyear RR'sHAVE
55566'33 Ford Yellow w/Black Scallops chr hub w/White Letter Goodyear RR's HAVE
55567Fat Fendered '40Lt. Blue w/Black fade to Blue Flames, Black Fenderschr hub RR's$15.00


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