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Ascending Souls

"Ascending Souls"

Copyright 2002

I have been working on this painting for sometime. I would work on it awhile and put it up and then bring it back out and work on it some more. I have done this several times. I feel the painting is now finished. It is my tribute to the victims of the 9-11 tragedy. I call this painting "Ascending Souls" and it is acrylic on canvas. Doing this painting was a very 'spirtual' experience for me. Painting finished 06-2002.

Thank you,

Dan Gibson, artist & webmaster

"All questions and comments are welcome."

I have received many wonderful e-mails regarding this painting.
I would like to share this one from a fine lady with you.

"Dan, Your painting is a just and spiritual tribute to those killed . In my eyes its as if God's loving fingers are wrapping around the entire building as their soul ascend to heaven. Thanks for sharing this amazing art."

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Thank you, Dan Gibson

"Comments and Questions are welcome"

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