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Aunt Scarey Log

Primitive, Survival & Wilderness Living Skills conducted in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of southwestern North Carolina and southeastern Tennessee.

A true survival situation is not planned or expected and can be life threatening. You can find yourself in a survival situation in an urban or rural location. Natural or man made catastrophic disasters can treaten the safety of yourself and your family and may require you to relocate to a remote area for survival. People who are at great risk are hunters, hikers, backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts who are unprepared to handle an emergency situation in the wilderness.

We are not a typical wilderness survival school or seminar that offers classroom discussions. All training is done in the field. You will be camping outdoors in very primitive surroundings in any kind of weather. There is no electricity, modern toilet faciliites, hot showers, nor any of the comforts of home.


Some of the skills that you will learn are various techniques used by ancient Native Americans who used natural resources to live in a primitive environment.

Participants will learn important skills that could help prevent a life threatening situation and also help them build a greater sense of confidence in the wilderness.

*Specialized training is also available upon request. Please inquire if you would like extensive training in this area.


A backpack, blanket(s) or sleeping bag, a rain poncho, a knife, a compass, some additional clothing, comfortable hiking boots, magnifying glass, flashlights and extra batteries (for emergencies only), prescribed medicines that are taken on a regular basis, food, tent or tarp, cooking utensils and a water bottle or two. Weapons are not permitted unless you want to incorporate hunting during open hunting seasons.

A signed waiver is required.

We can customize the training to your needs or specific interests.

Survival Training Schedule, 2002 - Please email for availability.

Dates are available from June 1 to August 12, 2002 for non-hunting participants. September - January 1 reserved especially for participants who want to incorporate hunting with their class.

Training can include:.

*Finding shelter; building a debris hut.
*Finding water source; wild edibles.
*Fire building techniques; wild plant identification for food and medicne.
*Making utensils, primitive cooking methods.
*Primitive weapons; fishing, hunting, tracking and game preparation.
*Food preservation.
*Wilderness First Aid - handling emergency situations.
*GPS, Map, Compass.
*Dealing with stress, setting priorities.

A signed waiver is required.

Fee Schedule


Mountain Stream
"One of Many
"Fishing Steams"

Group size is limited to a maximum of 6 participants. Special arrangements can be made for larger groups. Moderate physical activity is required as you will be hiking in wooded mountainous terrain.

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Richard & Bonnie Farner

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Tellico Plains, TN 37385
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