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What is Children's Church?  It is a worship service designed to preach the Word of God in a way that Children
can understand and to allow them to be able to apply God's Word to their lives. It is a time of praise and worship with each
child participating. It is a Church service structured in a format similar to adult church. We have praise and worship songs.
We have an offertory prayer and an offering. We have short creative sermons that are designed to plant a seed and promote thought and discussion. Children's Church is meant to be a worship experience that will be the begining to a life long
worship experience full of growth and meaning. A worship song has already been selected by everyone. Maybe some of you know it .....

Lord, I lift your Name on high

Lord, I love to sing your praises

I'm so glad you're in my life

I'm so glad you came to save us

You came from Heaven to Earth, to show the way

From the Earth to the Cross, my debt to pay

From the Cross to the grave

From the grave to the sky

Lord, I lift your name on high

Kds1.jpg (Kids at Church)

These were our very first and now we have grown to 17
What a great begining!!!!!!!!

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