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                        The Entrants for the Barkley Marathons 1999

          Name                   State               Computer Projection
1    Mike Dobies              MI      Progresses Relentlessly until he reaches a tree, then climbs it
2    Sue Thompson           MI      Builds a raft & floats New River to the ocean
3    Stuart Gleman            FL       Becomes lost & circles Chimney Top until he dies
4    David Horton             VA     Breaks a rib calling the Hogs & withdraws
5    Eliza Maclean             NC     Gets arrested for killing and eating a hiker
6    Fred Pilon                  MA     Fails to turn at the Garden Spot & runs to North Carolina
7    Lou Peyton                 AR     Becomes the second finisher ever
8    Jeff Scott                    CT      Two words: Human Sacrifice
9    Steve Simmons           WV    Head swells to the size of a Hot Air Balloon, & becomes lodged in Indian Knob
10   Merrianne Brittain      VA     Bitten by Rock Rat, & gets rabies
11   Kerry Trammell          TN     Two loops no problem, takes a week to slide UP Butt Slide on number 3
12   Leslie Hunt                 NC     Wears tights on her head and smashes into a big rock
13   Jim Dill                       IN      Goes feral in the Park, and is never captured
14   Norm Carlson            IN      Accidentally eats his flashlight
15   Bill Johnson                IL       Sees a Radio Tower in the distance, waits all night for the light to turn Green
16   Blake Wood              NM    Squints into the sun & is arrested as a Chinese sympathizer
17   David White               TN     Runs nude & bleeds to death on the Zip Line
18   Leonard Martin          TN     Pees off the gorges & falls in trying to see it hit the bottom
19   Robert Finlay              NV    Sees rain & panics because he doesn't know what it is
20   Robert Youngren        EI      Can't sing, Eaten by Mutant Weasels
21   Bill Andrews              CA     Wears his cool sunglasses, Can't see at night & falls into Son of a Bitch Ditch
22   DeWayne Satterfield  AL      Sees his own tail, ends up chasing it all day
23   Matt Mahoney           FL       Is overtaken by a glacier during the next ice age, & freezes
24   Craig Wilson             ME      Misses the start while combing his hair
25   Dennis Herr              VA       Breaks thru into a mine shaft
26   John DeWalt             PA       Enters his van after Loop 1, & won't come out
27   David Hughes            IN       Spends too much time drawing cartoons on the Cap Stones
28   Wayne Brasington     SC       Gets confused over which Brasington he is, & quits
29   Wilson Brasington     SC       Remembers which Brasington he is, & still quits
30   Andrew Thompson   VA       Shows his press clippings to every tree in the park. Then eats them.
31   Randy Isler               NM      Realizes it would be better to smash his head against a big Rock
32   Hans Put                  NY       Suddenly remembers that there were no hills in Belgium
33   Milan Milanovich      SWI     Does 4 laps with ease, runs out of time trying to decide which direction to go on 5
34   Reid Lanham            VA       Gets lost while watching himself run in a mirror
35   Dick West                MI        Never stops. Eventually requires time lapse photography to prove movement.