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Earth's Mightiest Fan Page

As seen in Wizard: The Comics Magazine #113!!


Welcome Avengers fans one & all!!!

(Ok, it's actually just a Guestbook but I'd love to hear from you!)

The current Avengers roster (as of Uncanny Avengers#23) is:
Deadpool, Rogue (I), Wonder Man, Beast (I), Cable, Synapse (II), Captain America (II), Brother Voodoo (IV) and Quicksilver.

The current Avengers roster (as of Avengers#7) is:
Spider-Man (II), Vision (II), Captain America (XIV), Hercules (I), Thor (VI) and Wasp (III).

The current Avengers roster (as of U.S.Avengers#6) is:
Cannonball (II), Hyperion (IV), Spectrum (II), Captain Marvel (VII), Citizen V (VII), Captain America (II), Squirrel Girl and Enigma (II).

The current Avengers roster (as of Great Lakes Avengers#7) is:
Big Bertha, Flatman, Doorman (I), Good Boy, Mister Immortal and Deadpool.

The current Avengers roster (as of Occupy Avengers#7) is:

Hawkeye (II).

The following is a complete roster of the team including reserve and honorary members (including the year they joined):

Whoo! Man, that's a lot of Avengers!!!

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