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Swedish massage uses a system of long strokes, kneading, and friction techniques on the more superficial layers of the muscles.   Swedish is great for stress relief and relaxation....when you don't have any real "aches and pains". . .you just want to relax!
Firm Swedish is Adagio's name for what most people want, but don't know what to call it. It's primarily a Swedish relaxation massage, but with deeper pressure for those issues that need to be addressed, like those "crunchies" that make your shoulders and back so tight.
Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Sports Massage....all names for massage you ask for when you really, really hurt.  These massages focus on the deeper layers of the muscle, using deep pressure to release chronic patterns of tension and break cycles of pain and muscle spasm.


make that dry, scaly skin go far, far away. It's a circulation increasing, rough and tough rub using salts from the Dead Sea, along with combinations of essential oils that smell absolutely delicious. For those of you with sensitive skin, we also have a more gentle Honey and Almond Scrub. . .still does the trick, but not quite so aggressively.
Body Wraps are designed to help you sweat away the toxins, while pumping you full of vitamins and minerals. You'll be painted from neck to foot with products from the earth or the sea (mud or seaweed), then

          Our goal at
        is your comfort

             We never
schedule appointments back to back

  you'll be cocooned in a mylar sheet and blankets, where you'll bake until done (about 20 minutes). This is a great pre-massage warm-up for the body, or you can enjoy it alone. 
Duo Massage, sometimes called tandem massage, is a massage for two. Two clients, two massage tables, two therapists. . .too much fun! This is by far our most popular. It's a wonderful experience for couples, friends or family. And, it's a gift you can give to someone and enjoy it yourself as well.

      are served after
      every treatment.

      Ask your
      for details.



Salt Scrub                               
Honey & Almond Scrub         
Mud or Seaweed Wrap           
Duo Massage (for 2)             

This is an abbreviated menu and price list. Our new website will be up and running soon, but we hope this offers a little help in the meantime.

For more information, please call 615.777.0602