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Swedish: Swedish massage uses a combination of long strokes, kneading and friction techniques, working primarily on the more superficial layers of the muscles. This gentle massage increases circulation and is perfect for stress relief and relaxation

Firm Swedish: Our most requested treatment, the Firm Swedish massage uses deeper pressure than a traditional Swedish massage. Your therapist will incorporate other modalities during this treatment to address any areas of pain or soreness.

Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Sports Massage… These massages focus on the deeper layers of the muscles, using stronger pressure to release chronic patterns of tension and break cycles of pain and muscle spasm. (Please add $10 per hour for Deep Tissue)

60 Minutes $75
90 Minutes $105

Please scroll down to learn more about our most popular treatment, the Duo Massage!

Aromatherapy massage uses essential oil blends to target ’what ails you’. Our custom blended oils are drizzled onto the pressure points of the body before and during your massage, adding wonderful fragrance to the room (and to you) and bringing you back in balance.

Choose from:

The Stress Extractor uses a mixture of bergamot and geranium oils to relieve tension and calm your nerves.

Breathe Deep…just what the doctor ordered when you‘re congested and generally feeling lack-luster. Eucalyptus, camphor and pine oils will help in respiratory aid, and make you feel almost as good as when mom rubbed your chest when you were a kid.

Women’s Recipe uses tangerine, tea tree and ylang-ylang to fight fatigue, combat moodiness and help get your equilibrium back on track.

60 Minutes $80
90 Minutes $110

Reflexology is an ancient Chinese art that triggers precise pressure points on the feet through manipulation and massage to help eliminate toxins, stimulate circulation and relax the body.

30 Minutes $50

What could be better than a massage? We think an additional thirty minutes dedicated to your face, neck and shoulders is the ultimate in relaxation! No chemicals, no extractions, no bright lights…just hot towels and more of what you love…massage

30 Minutes $50

Stone Massage for the face
uses hot and cold stones placed on the face to add an additional feeling of well being during this massage treatment

30 Minutes $55

This light massage treatment targets bloating, swelling and areas of edema. It also aids in the fight against cellulite by speeding up the removal of waste in your tissues to kick start your immune system and stimulate circulation.

60 Minutes $90

Massage is great for expectant mothers, but only provided during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. As every pregnancy is different, please be sure to ask your physician before scheduling this treatment.

60 Minutes $75

Sometimes called a tandem massage, this is simply a massage for two. Two clients, two massage tables, two therapists…too much fun! It’s by far our most popular. A wonderful experience for couples, friends or family. And, it’s a gift you can give to someone and enjoy it yourself as well.

60 Minutes $150 (for both)
90 Minutes $210 (for both)