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The Poetry Page was created because I have always loved poetry... I remember writing Haiku in the 9th grade and loved it. It was simple, but so beautiful. I still love writing poetry, but don't seem to have the time to enjoy that passion. Maybe this webpage will help me to rekindle the passion of poetry. I will change the poetry you see here, so come back often and open your heart and mind to the beauty of the words. I may also add some short stories from time to time. The candle will always be burning to light your way to the PoetryPage...



It was a crisp fall evening in 1959. A young man of only 16 years was riding along a country road with his friend. The friend was driving the car, and back then cars didn't have seat belts. That fact never crossed their minds, but as they turned a sharp curve...the car left the road, and the 16 year old, whose name was Mark, was thrown from the car. Mark's death was instant, but his friend survived. Within an hour Mark's parents were getting a phone call that would change their lives forever. Their young and vibrant son, who had his entire life in front of him, was killed.

Mark had a sister at the time, who was only 5 years old. His parents very seldomly talked about or even spoke Mark's name. It was just too painful for them. His little sister didn't remember much about him, except through photos that their mother kept. He was a christian young man, who loved life and was mature beyond his years. It almost seemed the Lord needed him more than this world.

As Mark's sister grew up, the young girl wondered about her brother. She often thought about how wonderful it would have been to have Mark in her life. One day, when she was about 10 years old...she found an old trunk with several of Mark's personal belongings inside. There was an old ball glove, some school papers, and inside an old wallet was a sketch of a beautiful butterfly. Underneath the sketch were the words "He Has Made All Things Beautiful". They were written by Mark, and the butterfly was sketched by him.

For many years Mark's little sister had visited his grave to place flowers and just simply wonder about a brother she had never really known. She knew as soon as she saw the butterfly, that these words were the exact words that were inscribed on Mark's tombstone. She had to know why, so she went to her mother for answers to her questions.

Her mom was eager to tell Mark's sister about the butterfly. She had found it in his belongings only days after the funeral. As soon as she read the beautiful words, she knew she wanted to place that message at his grave. Mark was speaking of the Lord's miracles of beauty, and she felt the same way about her son.

They hardly ever spoke again of the butterfly or Mark, but Mark's little sister has kept the sketch of the butterfly. Everytime she looks at the sketch and reads the words, it allows her to feel close to Mark. She knows he is smiling down on her and her family. There is a connection between them because of this little butterfly.

Mark's little sister is all grown up now, with children of her own. She has gone through trials and heartache in her life, and it may be hard to believe....but she has found strength and an unbelievable amount of love from this little butterfly.

Mark's sister is me, and I am so happy to say, that because of a little butterfly, sketched on a little piece of paper, he is very much a part of my life. He is my guardian angel, and "He Has Made All Things Beautiful". It may sounds strange, but I know God sent this little butterfly to me. He knew I still needed Mark in my life, but He needed him more. I am glad he is with the Lord, and someday I will join him for a beautiful family reunion. Then I won't need my little butterfly anymore:-)


I hope no one who reads this story will be sad. It is a story of hope and love, and that is why I wanted to write it. My parents were never encouraged to talk about Mark. It would have helped them to keep his love and life alive in their hearts. Then they could have focused on his life, instead of his death, which is what I have tried to do:-) When you see a butterfly on my site, I hope you will remember the love in your life:-) Hugs}:{


I have tears today
Dear Kathy,
Because your posts
I no longer will see.

I wish it was not true
Dear Kathy,
But it seems
It is to be.

The void is here.
The time has come
For me and all to say...

So long..Farewell.
We say goodbye
and send you
On your way.

The void is soon filled
With thoughts
That must be very true.

There is an ANGEL
In this group

And that ANGEL

My Dear


Yesterday takes me back...
To a different time and place.
I was not the same person then.

I was a child...
Growing and confused,
But wanting the world to belong to me.

Now I've moved through life...
At what seems to be top speed,
Only to find I don't want the world anymore.

I want what I need...
For life to slow down a bit
For the beauty to surround my soul...
And envelope who I am.

I need to smell the roses everyday,
And hug my child everyday,
Because I want what I need,
And I know who I am:-)



The wind's not always at our back,
The sky is not always blue.
Sometimes we crave the things we lack,
And don't know what to do.
Sometimes life's an uphill ride,
With mountains we must climb.
At times the river's deep and wide,
And crossing takes some time.
No one said that life is easy,
There are no guarantees.
So trust the Lord continually,
On calm or stormy seas.
The challenges we face today,
Prepares us for tomorrow.
For faith takes our fears away,
And peace replaces sorrow.



I was there when you closed your eyes,
As the breathe that kept you here is filled with last goodbyes,
God laid to rest all of our fears.
The anguish the sorrow have all turned to tears.
Tears now have washed away all my grief.
What has been replaced is my belief.
That knowing you has brought me to a place.
A place where love and warmth has filled my heart with peace.

}:{Submitted ByCyberSisterDebbie}:{

**Credit will always be given to the individual poets.** Thanks for sharing this poetry today. The beauty of the words can stir the spirit and renew the soul:)



}:{Psalm 36:9}:{