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Eliab Vinson - From "The Crowson Family Book"

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Page One: Births Eliab Vinson was Borned the 25th day of August In the year of Our Lord 1790 Jane Crowson was Borned the 11th day of April In the year of Our Lord 1798 Rosamond Vinson was born September 11th 1768 Rosannah Vinson departed this Life April 30th in the Year 1857 B. Crowson Departed this Life in .... of Our Lord...1857 Joseph F. Erwin was born Augth 19 1811 and Died Novth 9 1877 Betsy Ann Vinson was Borned the 25th of January A.D. 1816 Mary Francis Vinson was Borned the 16th of October A.D. 1817 William Daniel Vinson was Borned the 10th day of March AD 1821 Elisha L. & Rosannah S. Viinson was Borned the 6th day of July AD 1825 James C. & Jonathon Vinson was Borned the 19th day of July AD 1826 Page Two: Marriages Eliab Vinson & Jane Crowson was Maried the 19th day of March AD 1815 by Moses Crowson William D(aniel) Vinson & Eliza A. Barnet was Maried the 8th of October AD 1837 by Coalman Harwell James Pully & Mary F. Vinson was Maried the 6th day of July AD 1841 by James Mccollum Sterling C. Hood and Sarah J. Vinson was married December the 15th 1846 by William Lavesque Elisha L Vinson and Lucy Ann Davis was Married 12th of October 1848 by William Lavesque Eliab Henry Vinson and Sarah Levesque was Married the fourth day of June AD 1851 by Robbert S.....(?) Thomas W. McKnight and Martha ann Vinson was married on Nov. the 24th 1853 by Thomas Harwell Wiley P. White and Ruth E. Vinson was married Nov the 25 AD 1855 by Zebulon Pea (?) Joseph F. Erwin and Rosannah L. Vinson was married December the... AD 1855 by William Levesque Sarah Elizabeth White was born Oct. th 18 1856 ---------------------------------------------------

(I have tried to preserve the spelling as found on the Bible pages. This information was supplied to Dr. Crowson by Mary Hallmark, a g-granddaughter of Eliab Vinson & Jane Crowson.) The Crowson Family Reunion Edition Dr. William L. Crowson Ainsworth's Impressions Ellisville, Mississippi July 1979 pp 630-631

Family Records - Holy Bible Published 1839 Owned by Eliab and Jane Crowson Vinson

Page One: Births Eliab Vinson born 25 Aug. 1790 Jane Crowson born 11 April 1798 Rosemond Vinson born 11 Sept. 1768 (Rosemond Heryford) Joseph Franklin Erwin born 11 Aug. 1811 Betty Ann Vinson born 26 Jan. 1816 Mary Francis Vinson born 16 Oct. 1817 Elisha L. Vinson born 6 July 1823 Roseanna Vinson born 6 July 1823 William Daniel Vinson born 10 March 1820 James C. Vinson born 19 July 1826 Jonathan T. Vinson born 19 July 1826 James H. Vinson born 21 Oct. 1840 Martha E. Vinson born 31 Jan. 1843 Lucy Katherine Vinson born 14 Sept. 1844 Mary Ann Vinson born 1 May 1846 John Elish Vinson born 30 Jan. 1848 Nancy Jane Vinson born 3 Dec. 1849 Eliab A. J. Hood born 4 Sept. 1847 Mary Jane Eli. G. Hood born 17 April 1849 Ophelia India Erwin born 23 May 1863 Elisha P. Erwin born 21 May 1863 Ardelia Clifford Erwin born 2 Jan. 1859 [Note: From Betty Ann Vinson down through Jonathan T, are Eliab and Jane Vinson's children. Plus these four born later per court records: Sarah Jane Vinson born 1827, Eliab Henry Vinson born 1832,Martha Ann Vinson born 1836, and Ruth Eliza Vinson born 1859. Carolyn.] Page Two: Isaac V. Pully born 1 Sept. 1842 Elijah Henry Pully born 14 Nov. 1845 Sarah Jane Pully born 21 Oct. 1847 Ann Elizabeth Pully born 28 Aug. 1849 Nancy Jane Phillips Vinson born 20 Aug. 1849 Sarah Elizabeth Knight born 8 Aug. 1856 Thomas Elijah White born 27 March 1860 Iva Madge White born 2 Nov. 1861 Sarah Jane Vinson born 5 Jan. 1827 Elijah (Eliab) Henry Vinson born 6 Sept. 1832 Martha Ann Vinson born 14 Oct. 1836 Ruth Eliza Vinson born 13 March 1839 Moses Crowson born 6 Oct. 1778 James Baxter Thompson born 19 June 1857 James Leonard Thompson born 30 Aug. 1830 Martha Elam--Thompson born 11 Oct. 1835 Mary Elizabeth Lois Thompson born 5 Jan. 1886 William Ellis Hallmark born 16 June 1875 Page Three: Marriages Eliab Vinson and Jane Crowson married 19 March 1815 by Moses Crowson William Daniel Vinson and Eliza A. Barnet married 8 Oct. 1839 by Coolman Harwell James Pully and Mary Frances Vinson married 6 July 1841 by James McCallmy Sterling C. Hood and Sarah Jane Vinson married 15 Dec. 1846 by William LeVesgree (should be Levesque - original typist's error) Elisha L. Vinson and Lucy Ann Davis married 12 Oct. 1848 by William LeVesgree (should be Levesque - original typist's error) Eliab Henry Vinson and Sarah LeVesgree (should be Levesque - original typist's error) married 4 June 1851 by Robt Riddle Thomas W. McKnight Jr. and Martha Ann Vinson married 24 March 1853 by Thomas Harwell Page Four: Marriages Wiley P. White and Ruth Eliza Vinson married 25 Nov. 1855 by Zebulon Peace Joseph Franklin Erwin and Roseannah L. Vinson married 2 Dec. 1855 by William LeVesgree (should be Levesque - original typist's error) James Baxter Thompson and Ardelia Clifford Erwin Hindman married 13 June 1882 Poinsette Co. Ark. L.K. Stancil issued license William Ellis Hallmark and Mary Elizabeth Lois Thompson married 24 Nov. 1904 by Rev. A. J. Raines Jonesboro, Arkansas Page Five: Deaths Roseannah Vinson departed this life 30 April 1857 Thomas C. Crowson departed this life 2 May 1857 Joseph Franklin Erwin departed this life 9 Nov. 1872 Jane Crowson Vinson departed this life 28 Jan. 1857 Elijah (Eliab) Vinson departed this life 18 Sept. 1865 Betty Ann Vinson departed this life 27 March 1816 James C. Vinson departed this life 23 Oct. 1830 James H. Vinson departed this life 28 Jan. 1842 Martha S. Vinson departed this life 29 Dec. 1843 Jonathan T. Vinson departed this life 23 Sept. 1846 Jane Crowson Vinson broke her hand 25 Dec. 1856 James Leonard Thompson departed this life 16 Sept. 1898 Martha Elam Thompson departed this life 18 Oct. 1876 James Baxter Thompson departed this life 14 July 1898 Ardelia Clifford Erwin Hindman Thompson Brownfield died 17 April 1952 William Ellis Hallmark died 23 Dec. 1946 Information furnished by Carolyn

Peter Vinson - From "The Howery Family Bible"

Page One Page Two Howery Family Bible (Methodist Episcopal) Published 1841 A note is written in German by Peter Vinson: "Deases Buch habe ich zum Andengen an meene ferstorbene Frauw Mary Vinson gestorben den 18ten Marz 1886" Peter Vinson (Should have been written: "Dieses Buch habe ich zum Andenken an meine verstorbene Frau Mary Vinson [verb missing], gestorben den 18ten Maerz 1886") Translation: "I [wrote? have? keep?] this book in the memory of my deceased wife Mary Vinson, [who] died 18th March 1886" Page One: Marriages FAMILY RECORD Marriage is Honourable in All MARRIAGES George Howrey was born June the 8. 1793 Susanna Barbery Howrey was born April the 15. 1791 Jacob Howrey was born August 29. 1816 George Howrey was born August the 14. 1818 Eliza Howrey was born December the 16 1819 Samuel Howrey was born May 8 1821 Jacob Howrey was born October the 18. 1822 Susanna Howrey was born October the 15. 1823 John Howrey was born December the 18. 1824 Mariah Howrey was born April the 13. 1826 Daniel Howrey was born August the 17. 1827 Isaac Howrey was born May the 7. 1830 Samuel Howrey was Bornd the 8 May 1821 John L. Vinson and Flora A. Hamilton were united in the Holy Bonds of Matrimony March 2nd 1847 by the Rev. C. C. Edwards. [This is found on another page of the Bible and was copied on to a "post-a-note" and included on this page when it was scanned.] Page Two: Deaths FAMILY RECORD Blessed are the Dead Who Die in the Lord DEATHS Jacob Howrey departed this life August 25, 1816 George G Howrey departed this life October 13. 1837 Jacob Howrey departed this life January the 18. 1823 Isaac Howrey departed this life February the 1, 1847 Susanna B. Howery Departed this Life February Two? 1862 Mary Vinson Departed This Life Thursday evening March 18th 1886 (George John aka John George and Susanna Barbery Howrey/Howery bought land in Manchester township, Dearborn Co. IN in 1818. All of their children were born there with the possible exception of John who may have been born in MD. It is unclear whether it was the father or son who died in 1847.) This Bible belongs to a lady whose mother was brought up by Edith Smith, who may have been a missionary. We have not figured out the connection between Edith Smith, and the Vinson, Hamilton and Howery families. (The Bible has the notation that it belongs to Edith Smith. Edith was born in 1878, well after all but one of the events recorded. She would have been 8 years old when Mary Howery Vinson died. At least some of the Howery family went to the Methodist Episcopal Church, but as this is an English Bible, it appears unlikely that it belonged to Susanna the mother. She was born in Switzerland and likely spoke German. At least one daughter Eliza/Elizabeth, spoke and wrote only German until she was about 75 years old.) (Peter Vinson/Vincon/Vincent/Vensen married Mary Howery in Dearborn Co. IN 10 June 1857. They were living in Ripley Co. IN in Aug. 1859. Associated with him is a John L. Vinson who married Flora A. Hamilton, 2 March 1847. Also a William Vinson.) Updated information about Peter Vinson & Mary Howery from Judie N. The owner of the Howery Bible was Edith Maye Smith, a daughter of ALice Vinson m _______ Smith. Alice was the daughter of Mary Howery & Peter Vinson.. Peter is found in the 1880 Ripley Co., IN census:
Vinson, Peter     54  Nursery Business         Ger  Ger   Ger
        Mary      54  Keeping house            Ind  Ger    Ger
        Alice     25  daughter                 Ind  Ger    Ind
        John      21  son (maybe scratched out)  ditto        
        William   18  son                        ditto
        Cordelia  12  daughter                   ditto
        Edith M    2  gr daughter                ditto
Peter is listed as Maimed, Crippled, Bedridden or otherwise disabled. There is a mark under "Number of Months this person has been unemployed during the Census year". The mark looks like an "L", but could be a 2. Actually, Mary's parents were neither one born in Germany. Her mother was Swiss and her father of Swiss extraction and probably born in VA. There are some notes from the Ripley Co. Hist. Soc. in which an obit for a Mary Vincent shows her born in Germany (an error), but with the correct death date and correct age. Mary no doubt spoke German. Her mother learned to write English when she was 70's. Her step father only spoke/wrote German.

Bible information supplied by Vicki e-mail Contact Judie N.e-mail for any other information about the Howery Family.

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