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11 Feb 2000 - Cynthia K. e-mail My great great grandfather was Charles Moses Vinson, b.Feb 23, 1817. On his headstone it very specifically says he was born "in Wilkinson Co. GA" (Wilkkerson is mispelled). So far, no leads. His wife was Sarah Wright, b. May 23, 1813 GA, daughter of Samuel Wright and Elizabeth Wilmoth/Wilmot. Samuel's history includes homesteads in Wilks, Wilkerson and Upson Counties Georgia, before finally settling in Lee Co. AL near Auburn. It is possible that Sarah and Charles met and married in Wilkerson Co. We havn't determined that yet. I have all of their lineage down, including all of the children of Samuel and Elizabeth Wright and most of their lines. Charles and Sarah settled in Butler Co. AL where they died and are buried.

9 Feb 2000 Judie e-mail I am looking for information on Peter Vinson/Vincon/Vincent/Vensen who married Mary Howery in Dearborn Co. IN 10 June 1857. They were living in Ripley Co. IN in Aug. 1859. Associated with him is a John L. Vinson who married Flora A. Hamilton 2 March 1847. Also a William Vinson. An old Bible has turned up with numerous names, the Howery family births and deaths, and a note written in German by Peter Vinson. The Bible belonged to an Edith Smith who was born 1878, well after most of the entries occurred. We are trying to solve some mysteries. The Bible was a Methodist Episcopal Bible, published 1841.

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