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Family Group Sheet #10


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Family Group Sheet #10

=========================================================================== Husband: (1) Isaac Vinson born: May 26, 1804 place: Giles Co., TN married: Aug. 18, 1825 place: Boone Co., MO died: June 9, 1847 place: Lima, Adams Co., IL buried: place Father: Daniel Vinson Mother: Rosamond Heryford =========================================================================== Wife: Catherine Orr born: Oct. 8, 1807 place: Bourbon Co., KY died: Dec. 9, 1862 place: IL buried: place: Father: Mother: =========================================================================== CHILDREN =========================================================================== #1 Elizabeth Jane Vinson born: June 29, 1826 place: MO marr: place: died: July 8, 1923 place: Sutter Co., CA buried: place: spouse: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- #2 Nancy Marilda Vinson born: Apr. 11, 1828 place: MO marr: Jan. 1904 place: Chariton Co., MO died: place: buried: place: spouse: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- #3 William Daniel Vinson born: June 5, 1830 place: MO marr: place: died: Apr. 24, 1900 place: Noble Co., OK buried: place: spouse: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- #4 Grayson Thomas Vinson born: Oct. 26, 1834 place: Lima, Adams Co., IL marr: place: died: Sept. 1, 1915 place: buried: place: spouse: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- #5 Elisha James Vinson born: Sept. 30, 1838 place: Lima, Adams Co., IL marr: place: died: Aft. 1910 place: buried: place: spouse: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- #6 Jesse "Albert" Vinson born: Apr. 15, 1841 place: IL marr: place: died: July 17, 1918? place: buried: place: spouse: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- #7 Isaac Morldonis "Don" Vinson born: Sept. 1, 1843 place: IL marr: place: died: Sept. 6, 1843 place: IL buried: place: spouse: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- #8 Eliab Smith Vinson born: 1846 place: IL marr: place: died: 1932 place: Newton, Sullivan Co., MO buried: place: spouse: =========================================================================== This information is from Paul Ostendorf and Judith Eisenhauer.
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