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Family Group Sheet #18

VINSON, Rosamond

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Family Group Sheet #18

==================================================================== Husband: James Heryford Born: Place: Marr 24 May 1832 Place: Died: Place: Buried: Place: Father: James Heryford Mother: Lydia Said ======================================================================== Wife: Rosamond Vinson Born: 14 Jun 1814 Place: Died: Place: Father: Daniel Vinson Mother: Rosamond Heryford ======================================================================== Children ======================================================================== 1 James Heriford, Jr. Born: 29 Mar 1839 Place: Marr: Place Died: Place: buried: 24 Oct 1925 Place: Place: spouse: (1) 14 oct 1866 Dortha Ann Wilcox - b 6 Sep 1847-bur 1887 (2) Elisa Dale ========================================================================= This information taken from papers supplied by Richard P. Eckels, 1959. (Mr. Eckels is deceased) Mr. Eckels commented that the information was obtained from a letter dated 25, Nov 1956, from Martha Hammond, Meadville, Mo., to Frank L. Hereford. (I do not know how accurate this information is. I am posting it in the hopes that some descendent can provide verification and/or corrections. The spelling of the name "Heryford, Hereford, Heriford" follows the text. )

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