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We are descendants of Daniel Vinson and his wife, Rosamond Heryford. Daniel Vinson is our "brick wall". We lack proof of Daniel's parents and we want to know more about his birth and death. We know from the Crowson Family Bible that Eliab Vinson's (married Jane Crowson, dau. of William Crowson)and Jane Vinson's (married Thomas Crowson, son of William Crowson) parents were Daniel Vinson and Rosamond Heryford. We speculate that this Daniel may have actually been named William Daniel Vinson.

Beatrice Vinson was a Vinson cousin in our line who lived during the turn of the 20th century and devoted much of her life to our Vinson genealogy. Some of her records indicate who our Daniel Vinson's parents were and where he came from, but we have not found verifiable proof yet.

Beatrice lists our ancestry as John Vinson married to Hulda Hudson. She says they came from Otwates, Kent, England in the 1700s, and settled in Charlotte, NC. We have no record of an Otwates, but we think the name must really have been either Southwaite in Kent or Atwater. Southwaite could have been a slight misspelling of the same name sound. Atwater could have easily been written wrongly, mistaking an "O" for the "A" and an "S" for the "R".

We have seen our Vinson name written by some as Vincent and that very well may have been the original variation, but our lines have been written as Vinson most of the time, at least since Daniel. We have seen many other oddly written variations of the same name. Name variations only help serve our purpose in tracing the branches though, so they are actually an asset!

According to Beatrice Vinson's records, John Vinson and Hulda Hudson had twelve sons, all Biblically named, and three daughters:

1. Aaron Vinson b. abt. 1749
2. Adam Vinson b. abt. 1751
3. Amos Vinson b. abt. 1752
4. Moses Vinson b. abt. 1755
5. Elijah Vinson b. abt. 1757
6. Ezra Vinson
7. Jeremiah Vinson (twin)
8. Joshua Vinson (twin)
9. Joseph Vinson
10. Daniel Vinson
11. Isaiah Vinson
12. Samuel Vinson
13. Daughter UNKNOWN who married a Culpepper
14. Daughter UNKNOWN
15. Daughter UNKNOWN

We've figured out a TimeLine for Daniel. We've based our conclusions on the facts that we do know about. Thus:,


1790 NC Census Index
Page 723
Vinson, Daniel NC WILKES CO. 124 1790 01-01-02-00-00
Page 790
Hereford, Henry NC WILKES CO. 124 1790 02-07-02-00-00

(We are fairly certain this is our Daniel, as we know he married Rosamond Heryford, daughter of Henry Heryford.)

1812 Giles Co. TN Tax List
Vincent, Daniel
Vincent, Jesse

(We know that at least Eliab Vinson went to Tennessee with his future father-in-law, William Crowson, as is noted in the Crowson and other books. Therefore, this is an "educated" guess.)

From the book "Territorial Papers - Louisiana-Missouri Territory
1815-1821, Volume XV pages 556-561
[September 14, 1819]
267 Daniel Vinson

"History of Callaway County"
"Thomas (Crowson) married Jane Vinson, whose father, David (sic) Vinson, came from Tennessee to old Franklin, Howard county, in a keel-boat of his own construction. He was on the different rivers seven months."

(We think it's a fair assumption to believe this is our Daniel, as we know that Thomas & Jane Vinson Crowson went to MIssouri. There's evidence that others of the same family went not only to Missouri, but also ended up in Arkansas.)

Daniel Vinson bought land in Callaway Co., Missouri

1830 Census MO Callaway Co

John Heryford
Daniel Vincent
Isaac Vincent
Elisha Vincent

(Again, an assumption based on educated guesses. Here's a Daniel Vincent of the right age, with other Vincents and John Heryford. The fact that the name is "Vincent" instead of "Vinson" is meaningless. Variations in spelling were quite common. There's also an unpublished record that says that Isaac lived in Missouri near Daniel before going on to Illinois. And again, there's another Heryford in the area.)

1840 MO Census
NO Daniel or Rosamond found

(We don't know where they are or why they aren't listed. )

1850 MO Census Index

Page 211
Vinson, Rosy MO CALLAWAY CO. BEING 12TH DIST 222 1850
Page 190
Crowson, Thomas MO CALLAWAY CO. BEING 12TH DIST 222 1850

(We do know that Rosamond ended her days with her daugher, Jane Vinson Crowson. This was reported by her grandson, Dr. Eugene Crowson, to other researchers. )


First Generation

#1 VINSON, Daniel

Second Generation

#2 VINSON, Eliab
#3 VINSON, Jane
#10 VINSON, Isaac
#18 VINSON, Rosamond

Third Generation

#4 VINSON, Mary Francis
#5 VINSON, William Daniel
#6 VINSON, Elisha Louis
#7 VINSON, Roseanna (Rose) S.
#8 VINSON, Ruth Eliza
#9 CROWSON, Rosa Missouri
#12 VINSON, Eliab Henry

Fourth Generation

#11 VINSON, Nancy Jane Phillips
#13 VINSON, Eliab Edwin
#14 VINSON, John Levesque
#15 VINSON, Joseph H.B.
#16 VINSON, Robert E. Lee
#17 VINSON, Lillie Ann Buford


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