Darkness playing with Light

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I make myself an open book. By showing the darkness of my past, I give contrast to the light that now illuminates my life. My life is changing even now. My spirituality is evolving and changing into something different. In the past I had a Christian poetry e-mail ring that I sent out to subscribers. They are now at this site. I am not as faithful as I was when I wrote those rings and am unsure now how I feel about organized religion. I want to be honest, I once felt this way. Please enjoy the gallery of photos, the older poetry rings, and collaborations. Thank you for visiting my page. Please come back and visit again!
Update: 3/9/12
I am scaling back this site. It doesn't get much traffic and I am hoping to creat something much better. In time I will close this site completely for something much better. Take care my readers! I will never forget your encouragement and love. Thank you!
Update: 8/6/12
I am moving towards my goals as an artist and a published writer. Doing so bit by bit. Thanks for the support!

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