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Ethel Willoughby and others

This photo was taken in the early 1950's. The lady in the center is my grandmother Ethel Adar (Zachary) Willoughby. She is my mother's mom and she was a cook at the school in Robbins. The lady on the lelt is teacher Miss. Kathleen (Madden) Ellis. I do not know the idenity of the other lady. If you know this lady please e-mail me and let me know. Also notice the faces of the children in the windows.

Thank you,
Dan Gibson


"Tammie, a friend of Miss Kathleen e-mailed me with the name of the other lady in the photograph. She is Juanita Ellis Davidson and was the principal. She taught grades 5 through 8. Miss Kathleen taught grades 1 through 4."

Thank you Tammie!

Dan Gibson, webmaster

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