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Robbins High School Memorabilia

(Three leading citizens of Robbins, Tennessee felt the need for a high school within the town of Robbins. The founders of Robbins High School that started this movement in 1906 were Rev. Earnest Jones, pastor of the Barton Chapel Congregational Church of Robbins, Milton James Robbins, Sr., state representative and farmer and Jasper Hughett.)
"We thank you for having a vision!"


Welcome to my Robbins High School Memorabilia page. Some items will be clippings I cut out of the Scott County News during the late 60's. I have many fond memories of attending Robbins High School. I will try and post some of these memories as time will permit. If anyone has any pictures, memories or items you wish to contribute to this site please send them to the address listed below. I will be happy to post them and give you credit. I graduated in 1969 (time does fly by)! I had great teachers and many good friends. I was a kid that enjoyed going to school. I played basketball for the R. H. S. Hawks for a few years and enjoyed every minute of being part of the team. Mr. T. W. "Taskel" Welch was our principal and friend. His leadership as our school principal helped me to be the kind and caring person I hope I am today. I would like to hear from anyone that was part of Robbins High School "past & present". Items from Robbins Elementary School will also be posted.

Thank you,
Dan Gibson, webmaster

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R. H. S. Commencement 1969
Robbins High School Library
Boys State Delegates
Tennessee Federation of Junior Historians
Youth Fitness Achievement Award
1969 R.H.S. Class Photo
1969 R.H.S. Graduation Invitation
Music Teacher 1969
Daniel Wayne Gibson 1969
Miss Opal Welch & Miss Leona Griffith, 1965
Mr. T.W. (Taskel) Welch, 1965
67' R.H.S. Girl's Basketball Team
69' R.H.S. Boy's Basketball Team
The Old Robbins Elementary School
Mr. Taskel W. Welch & Miss Judy Goad
Robbins Elementary 1956 Class
Robbins School Cook's
R.H.S. Class, early 1940's