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Ascending Souls, 9-11 poem

June Hinderer

Just an ordinary morning;
In sight there was no gloom.
With a beautiful sunrise at dawn;
But darkness came at noon;

In a city,
two towers stood so high
Just an every day sight for most,
with busy streets below and people passing by.

Then the world became a nightmare;
Smoke blotted out the sun;
And horror filled the hearts and minds
Of each and everyone;

At some degree, the whole world shook;
As an earthquake had split the ground;
Our strong nation helpless
As the towers tumbled down.

God heard each prayer spoken;
and calmed each pounding heart
As the blackened sky cleared,
The sound of wings, they could have heard;
AS ascending souls depart.

The author of this poem is a great friend of mine since childhood.
After viewing my painting, "Ascending Souls",
she sent me this e-mail with the poem included.

(Hi Dan I loved your tribute to 9-11 so much (ascending Souls) I wrote this poem.
You can post it on your website if you like. You inspired me to write this.)

Thank you June,
Dan Gibson, webmaster

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