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Old Scott County Courthouse

***This is an update on this photograph.***

I received an e-mail from a person in Scott County with more accurate information on the history of the Scott County Courthouse. I want to thank this person for the e-mail. Part of e-mail with the information is listed below.

(The picture you have is of the wooden courthouse blt. 1871,and before that a brick one, that was used for diff. things after new wooden 2 story bldg. the first one was brick which was made by "firing" the brick on site. In 1906 the stone courthouse was blt. by Rufe Holmes,cont. This is the one that burned in 1946, the current bldg. was blt. around the old stone and expanded, and bricked. As to the fire that destroyed this bldg. there was very few records of importance destroyed. Not as some would have you believe. I know this for I helped ,along with many, carry them out. We have a picture of the two story Wooden" bldg.)


I found this and other pictures packed in a box handed down to me by my mother Etta (Willoughby) Gibson. I think they may have been part of a calendar at one time. She probably cut them out to keep as memories of Scott County. She had written down the location of the picture on the back of each photograph. I would like to give credit for those responsible for these great photographs of Scott County's past and to say "thank you". I hope you will enjoy viewing these cut out photographs.

Thank you,
Dan Gibson, webmaster

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