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Norma, TN. early 1900's

My dad, Herstle "Buck" Norman Gibson, lived in the community of Beech Fork. This was a few miles up the Smokey Creek from Norma. His family lived there until he was nine years old and then they moved to the New River community of Scott County. One of my favorite stories is when dad was eight years old, he was bitten on the ankle by a copperhead. His parents took him to ole Doc Chambers in Norma. He was the local doctor. Dr. Chambers gave dad a few swallows of whiskey before he lanced the snake bite. Today giving whiskey to anyone for a snake bite would be a no no. My dad was sick for awhile but he did recover well and I thank Dr. Chambers for this.

Thank you,
Dan Gibson, webmaster


I found this and other pictures packed in a box handed down to me by my mother Etta (Willoughby) Gibson. I think they may have been part of a calendar at one time. She probably cut them out to keep as memories of Scott County. She had written down the location of the picture on the back of each photograph. I would like to give credit for those responsible for these great photographs of Scott County's past and to say "thank you". I hope you will enjoy viewing these cut out photographs.

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