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West Robbins School Teacher, 1957

This photo was taken in April of 1957. Miss Thelma Terry was known to all the students at the West Robbins School as "Miss Tiny" during the 50's and part of the 60's. Miss Tiny gave me this picture while I attended the West Robbins School. She taught school at West Robbins for six years. When the school closed down the students attended the larger and more mordern school a few miles away in the town of Robbins. Miss Tiny asked all the students to call her Miss Thelma when we started our 'new' school in Robbins the following year. I remember very well how strange it was to call my teacher Miss Thelma the next year. I did get use to it. Before she came to West Robbins she was a teacher at Honeycreek Elementary School and also taught school at Mt. Pleasant. She retired in 2001 after teaching in the Scott County school system for 42 years. "Miss Thelma" was a very big influence in my early years. The country needs more teachers like her!

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