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Mom's Embarrassment

Dan Gibson, author
Copyright 2000

This is a true story about my mother back in 1970. Some may find it funny and some may not but here it goes! My parents were shopping at a small shopping center in Oneida, TN. Dad went to one store and mom went to another one. Mom got finished before dad did and went back to their car. She noticed a shopping bag in the front seat and looked inside. She pulled out a package of men's underwear and opened them. Holding up a pair of the underwear she thought to herself that these are way too small for him and he will have to take them back. About this time a man opened the door to the driver's side and firmly stated, "Lady, what in the world are you doing in my car and playing with my underwear?" Mom said she was so shocked and embarrassed while getting out of the car she could only mumble how sorry she was and that she had mistaken his car for her husband's car. It was then she noticed my dad coming out of a store and walking toward their car parked several spaces away. This is one story the whole family including Mom loved to tell over the years! My parents are Herstle (Buck) and Etta Gibson. We lived in the West Robbins area of Scott County, Tennessee when this story happened. My parents are gone now. Dad died in 84' and Mom died in 89'. Mom had a great sense of humor and I know she is smiling looking down at me sharing this story with the world. She loved laughter as all my family do.

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