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"Photo taken July 2002"

I am originally from Scott Co. TN. I grew up in the West Robbins Community in the southern part of the county. I graduated from Robbins High School with the class of 69'. I have lived in several states over the years.

I have always enjoyed music and the ARTS in general. I was a member of a Country/Rock band, guitarist and one of two lead singers. We performed in Indianapolis, IN and surrounding cities.

I lived in Oneida Tennessee in the late 80's during my Mother's battle with cancer until her death in 1989. I attended Roane State Community College (1990-91). I moved to Knoxville, TN in 1992.

I have always enjoyed painting as a hobby and in recent years have taken it up as a profession. My paintings have been on exhibit at the Bijou Theatre in Knoxville Tennessee at several art shows. My work has been shown in the Market Square area of downtown Knoxville and surrounding areas. My paintings with work by other local artist were featured on a local television station located in Knoxville.

I sure don't claim to be a great writer but I sure do enjoy writing! In my spare time I enjoy writing short stories and poetry. Many of these have an East Tennessee theme. Recently I bought a home on top of a mountain in upper East Tennessee. I have nothing but beautiful scenery surrounding me. This is an artist and writer's haven. I have also taken up playing the Mountain Dulcimer. I enjoy this hobby very much. I mainly play old Mountain Music, English an Irish ballads.

I hope this small bio. will bring my many friends in Scott Co. Tennessee and across the country up to date.

Thank you,
Dan Gibson, webmaster

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