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Thanksgiving Day Memory

Dan Gibson, author
November 2002

In the 1950's I was a little boy growing up in Scott County, Tennessee. My Uncle Albert came down from Indiana with a huge, frozen turkey in the trunk of his car. My mom said she had never fixed a turkey before. The next day she prepared it for the oven and of course it took hours before it was done. She had invited some other people to eat with us at our home in West Robbins. She carved the turkey on the counter and thought to herself for this to be such a huge turkey it sure didn't have much meat on it. We all ate dinner together and the next day Uncle Albert went back to Indiana. That evening mom took the turkey out of the refrigerator for our supper. She turned the turkey over to put it on another platter and that is when she noticed the breast! She had carved the turkey I guess on the backbone and that is why she didn't think it had much meat. Poor ole mom felt so bad about it and wondered what in the world Uncle Albert and the rest thought. I just remember us kids thought it was funny and we ate all the 'white' meat we could for supper. Dad was getting him some more turkey when he noticed the "gibblets" still wrapped in paper inside the turkey! Mom was embarrassed all over again saying she didn't know anything was in there! Needless to say mom fixed many turkey dinners over the years but she always remembered the first turkey she ever fixed!

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