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The Tall Basketball Goal

Dan Gibson, author

When I was growing up in Scott County Tennessee in the 1950's and 60's my Dad (Herstle "Buck" Gibson) was great at doing thing for us kids. I became a member of the Robbins Elementary School basketball team. Needless to say I was very excited about being picked by the coach to play for the Robbins Hawks! I told my Dad I wished we had a basketball and goal so I could practice at home. I knew we could not afford this and shortly afterwards I forgot about it. The next Friday when I came home from school I had a great surprise. My dad had made me a basketball goal and had bought me a used basketball. Dad had cut down a narrow, tall tree from the woods and trimmed all the branches off. He dug a hole with the post hole digger. He used small boards and constructed a backboard and attached a metal hoop he had found in his tool shed. He connected this to the pole and placed the pole into the ground at the edge of the yard. To make the pole sturdy he poured wet cement into the hole and it was there to stay for a very long time! When I came home from school that day my Dad was standing there holding the basketball grinning from ear to ear. He was so proud! He threw the ball to me and said now you can practice all the time. I was overwhelmed and jumped up and down with joy. Dad went into the house and left me there to play ball. Another reason I was so overwhelmed was that the hoop was 10 to 15 ft. higher than the one's at my school. It was the tallest basketball goal ever! My Dad didn't think about how high the goal should be. I didn't care how high it was. I was just happy to have a place to practice and have my very own basketball. We children spent many summer evenings playing basketball at the edge of our yard in the West Robbins Community of Scott County, Tennessee. Needless to say after I became good at hitting the basket from practicing at home the one's at school seemed easy! I was a member of the Robbins basketball team from grade six until I graduated from Robbins High School. Thanks Dad!

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