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Scott County, Tennessee Photographs

Hi everyone!

This will be a collection of photographs taken in Scott County, Tennessee.
Scott County is a beautiful place with great people! More pictures will be added later.

Thank you,
Dan Gibson, webmaster

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Barn & Pasture
Ice Storm
The Glass House
Tobe's Motel
Scott Motel
Robbins Bank and Trust Co.
Railroad Bridge in New River
Norma, TN. early 1900's
Max Fritzsche General Store in Glenmary
Old Scott County Courthouse
Depot Street early 1900's
North Main Street early 1900's
General Store in Isham, TN.
Huntsville, TN. early 1900's
Robbins High School
West Robbins School, Class of 1956
The Old West Robbins Missionary Baptist Church
West Robbins School Photo,1950-51
Rustic Park, (store front)
O.H.S. Class of 1946
O & W Railroad Postcard
Clear Fork River & Burnt Mill Bridge
Big South Fork River Page One
Big South Fork River Page Two
New River
Capitol Theatre Ticket
B & Z Motel and Grill
Glenmary Methodist Church 1900
Glenmary Train Station 1900
Glenmary School 1900
George Smith-Glenmary School 1900
George Smith at Home, 1900
Ridgedale Motor Court
Scott County, Tennessee Jail
Sheriff Brummitt & Deputies
Sheriff Lewallen & Deputies
USS Tennessee Ship's Bell
Elgin Post Office
Concord Tunnel
Views From Lone Mountain
Buffalo School
Water Works "Lake"
Robbins Store ???
Brickyard Pond Baptizing 1959

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