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Robbins Store ???

"first row"
Elsie Norman, unknown, June Phillips, Paul Norman
"second row"
Ethel Phillips, Minnie Phillips, Elsie Phillips, Mae Norman, Sarah Murphy
"third row"
Gladys Norman, Sherman Phillips, Ogal Davis, Bob Murphy, Doe Davis, Bill Davis, Lum Davis, Tina Davis Russell

The location of the store is not exactly known. I am pretty sure it is either Robbins or Glenmary. I know from growing up in the area in the 1950's & 60's that some of the Davis family listed here lived in the Glenmary community. Some of the Norman families lived in the Robbins and the Concord community. The lady that submitted the picture said Paul Norman (little boy in front row) was born in 1932. The photograph could be the late 30's or the very early 40's. I also know there was a store like this located at the intersection of Highway 27 and the Brimstone Road in Robbins when I was a child. The store was on the first floor of the home and the Robbins Post Office was in the store. Any information from anyone will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Dan Gibson

Photograph submitted by Delilah (Wright) Miller.

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