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Robbins Elementary 1956 Class

(first row)
? Goad, Genell Griffith, Sheila Norman, Carol Brewster, Charlotte Young, Cathy Chitwood, Deanna Norman, Fisher Henry, ? Phillips

(second row)
Lee Jeffers, Janice Chambers, Una Gaye Griffith, Barbara Henry, Cathern Sexton, Arthur Tom Voiles, Brenda Fuston, ?

(third row)
Macel Reagen, Joyce Ann Sexton, Anna Ruth Sexton, June Stonecipher, Flechia Burchfield, Ernestine Griffith, ? Hamby, ?

This photograph is of the second grade class of 1956. Miss Macel Reagen was the principal of the Robbins Elementary School for many years. If you know any of the names that are not listed please e-mail me the information. It will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Dan Gibson, webmaster

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