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Pinto Beans

Dan Gibson, author
Feb. 6, 2003

Pinto beans, King of Appalachia
Protein rich and poor man's meat
Bean kettle, water and piece of salt back
Wood stove with a few hours to wait
Supper for all in the hills and hollows
Aroma of beans spilling everywhere
Father and mother at ends of table
Children lined the benches on the side
Bean kettle setting proudly in the center
Large bean spoon floating gently on top
Steam rising from the small pond of beans
Made mouths water and stomachs grumble
Everyone watched the wood stove oven
Iron skillet with pone of cornbread removed
Skillfully flipped over top of waiting platter
Cornbread with golden crust appeared
Placed proudly next to kettle of beans
All heads bowed as father said grace
With the cutting of cornbread pone
The pinto bean assembly line began
Bowls were filled and passed around
With cornbread wedges slowing sinking in
Glasses filled with cool spring water
The Appalachian feast could begin
The pinto bean gave life to all
Sustaining families keeping wolf at bay
Phaseolus vulgaris is the fancy name
My neck of woods we just say Pinto Beans!

Many of us, including my family, from Scott County
grew up eating pinto beans, tater's and cornbread!
Good eatin'!!!

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