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Arbanna Willoughby, Joel Buttram, bef. 1875

Arbanna (Ellis) Willoughby is my great great grandmother. This is a photo of Arbanna and her first husband Joel Buttram. They were married in Dec. 1866 and he died in June 1875. Arbanna married James Willoughby in 1887. She was born March 13, 1850 in Scott Co. TN. and died in March 06, 1929 at the home of her son Bruce Willoughby in the Black Creek community of Scott Co. TN.. James Willoughby was born Oct. 24, 1851 in Scott Co. TN. and died in May 26, 1926 in Scott Co. TN. Arbanna and James Willoughby are buried in the Kilbeck Cemetery in Scott County, Tennessee.

(Arbanna is said to have been a stuborn woman with a "hot temper". Extremely thrifty, a wonderful money manager, shrewed, never wasted anything.
She was referred to by her nephews and nieces as "Aunt Bana".)

Thank you,
Dan Gibson

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