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Our Ancestor's Way Of Life

I am trying to preserve some of the culture of our ancestors that settled in what is now known as Scott County, Tennessee. Even the way of life of my parents and grandparents was very different than what it is for me today. Many of the country ways, customs and rituals of our people have disappeared mainly to "progress". Some of these country ways still survive in some families tucked away in some of the beautiful, mountainous regions of Scott County. I am not against progress. This is just my small way of writing down things I have heard from my parents, grandparents and other older people in Scott County during my fifty years of living. I want the future generations to know and understand how our families of long ago lived. I want what I have written for this section of my website to come through in a personal way. To show that our ancestors were young once, started families, lived and worked hard, had their own dreams, happiness and sorrows. That our ancestors are more than just names and dates written down in the family Bible. As I have stated many times before I am very proud of my heritage. I am proud of Scott County and its people. We have much to be proud of and this is my way of preserving some of our culture which in my opinion is very unique in our great country today. Please bare with me as this is a new adventure for me and more will be added later. It takes time to finally get it down in print to put on this page. I wanted to share with you what I have already completed. I hope you will enjoy what you read and will visit often. This will be an on going work in progres.

Thank you,
Dan Gibson, webmaster
Copyright 2003

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