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A Living Hero


Way back in old Scott County
In the hills of Tennessee
There lives a truly great hero
Who fought for you and me

On the battle fields of Europe
In a war now know as Two
He won many medals with honor
Defending our country so true

Through all the pain and suffering
This young man had to go through
He fought for freedom for his family
And for the old red white and blue

Now everyone pay close attention
This is someone we all know
Who fought for God and Country
His name is Walter (Smoky) Lowe

Now Walter still lives in the mountains
And with love for the world to see
So let us all respect this hero
From Scott County Tennessee

This poem was written by me in the Summer of 1968. I gave it to Walter Lowe and his wife Eva as a present. Walter and Eva has since passed on. A picture of Walter can be found on the link "Family and Friends Photographs" page.
Thank you,
Dan Gibson, webmaster

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