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Corn Shuck Doll

These are two corn shuck dolls I have made in the tradition of our ancestors and thought I would share them with you.

Our ancestors and mainly the pioneer women made these corn shuck (husk) dolls for their daughters to play with when no other toys were available or affordable. These dolls are primitive but they have a certain charm. Corn shuck dolls are very popular today with collectors. This is a tradition of the people who lived in the Appalachian Mountains and they were taught how to make these dolls by Native Americans. Native American legend is that a young Indian maiden made a beautiful doll that went off into the woods and became too vain. Found gazing into a pool at her reflection, the Great Spirit punished her by taking away her face. Due to this legend most crafters do not paint a face on their corn shuck dolls. Corn shuckery was a cabin craft used by the early pioneers for many years. They grew the corn for food but used every part of the plant. They used the corn stalk, leaves, and shucks to create many items from brooms to baskets.

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