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Shenandoah/Page County, VA Surnames

In researching my maternal side going back it was relatively easy as the family stayed in the beautiful relaxing Shenandoah River Valley area. I used to listen to my grandmother (wishing now I had listened a little closer) talking about this Aleshire, or that Knight, etc., I would ask her aren't we related to them in some way.  And her response was always "Yes, somewhere way back there either by blood or by marriage". I always thought and now am convinced that everyone from the Valley is related to everyone else there because of all the inter-marrying that went on in the early days of our country.

On the following pages you will lots of data on each of the branches, some very complete and some not so complete, all sent to me by various of my newfound "cousins" all over.  If you find any info or data missing please email me and I will be sure to add it.

The main surnames in my line from the Valley are:

Aleshire, Cave, Comer, Knight, Mayes, Merica, Offenbacker, Painter, Parks, Price, and many others. I will list more as I come across them.

Special Pages 
In Loving Memory
Dedicated to a woman who was known as grandmother to few and
Aunt Thelma to many. She touched the lives of hundreds.

Obituaries of Shenandoah/Page County

Some good links with extensive information on the Shenandoah and Page County families and history.  

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