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1721 William and Ellinor Yarbrough sell to Martin Chandler.  21 Feb 1722.  King William Co., VA Land records, Book 2, p. 89

1722 21 Feb. Court.  William Yarbrough acknowledges the foregoing deed and memorandum of livery & sison unto Martin Chandler & James Cox by virtue of a power of attorney relinquished Eleanor Yarbrough wife to the said William Yarbrough her right of dower in the land conveyed by the said deed unto the said Chandler, all which are admitted to record.  Signed William Aylett, Clerk of the Court.  King William County, Virginia Deed Book 2, 1721-22-, page 90.

1723 20 Feb.  Edward Yarbrough and William Yarbrough granted 400 acres of new land in King William County [Virginia] St. John's Parish on the west side of Long Branch on Robert Baber & William Cockerham's lines.  King William Co., VA Patent Book 11, p. 330.

1724 9 Jul.  William Yarbrough, granted 400 acres of new land in King William County in St. John's Parish on branches of Reedy Swamp of Mattapony River and North Anna River, adjoining Robert Baber, his own land, Edward and William Yarbrough, Thomas Yarbrough, Thomas Evans and Mr. English.  King William Co., VA Patent Book 12, p. 56.

1748 13 May. Estate Inventory and appraisement of William Yarbrough, dated May 13, 1748, recorded April 21, 1749.  Appraisers: Philip Pledger, Crispin Shelton, John Nance.  Executrix:  Elener (X) Yarbrough and Hezekiah Yarbrough.  Value £118.13.0.  Amelia Co. VA Will Book 1, p. 51.

1748 19 Jul. Will of William Yarborough    Proved 16 Dec 1748
Names wife: Elliner; sons: Samuel, William, Hezekiah, Moses and Micajah; Daus: Priscilla, Ann Higgons, Caryhapauch Anderson; Granddaughter: Priscilla Robertson. Wits:  Charles Irby and Richard Yarborough.  Exrs: wife Elliner Yarborough and sons William and Hezekiah.  Amelia Co, Va Will Book 1 pg. 50

1748 22 Dec.  Bonds:  £150.  Elenor Yarbrough, William Yarbrough and Hezekiah Yarbrough, Executors for William Yarbrough, deceased.  Dated 22 Dec 1748.  Amelia County, VA Will Book 1, p. 48.

1748 31 Dec. Thomas Anderson, Ellinor, William and Hezekiah Yarbrough provided an inventory of the estate of William Yarborough, Sr.

1749 21 Apr. Additional Inventory and Appraisement of William Yarbrough.  Returned July 21, 1949.  Appraisers:  Benjamin Bullington, John Smith, John Nance.  Administrator Samuel Yarbrough.  Value £65.13.10.  Amelia Co. VA Will Book 1, p. 58.

1749 21 Apr. Bonds:  £100.  Samuel Yarbrough, Administrator for William Yarbrough, deceased, with Mathew Cabanis, security.  Dated 21 Apr. 1749.  Amelia Co., VA Will Book 1, p. 31.

1749 19 May Inventory of Christopher Robertson, deceased.  Ellinor Robertson, relic. (*Note: Ws this Ellinor the d/o William Yarbrough.  Ellinor died by 26 Apr 1750, date of her inventory, and her admr. was Edward Robertson.  Amelia Co, VA Will Book 1 pg. 53.

1754 4 Mar.  Will of Hezekiah Yarborough.  Proven 27 June 1754
Names sister: Priscilla Yarborough, leaves brother Moses Yarborough tract "I now live on" and his right to a tract of land lying on the fork of the Nottoway.  Exr. Moses Yarborough, brother.  Wits:  John Smith, Henry Yarbrough, Richard Holt.  Amelia Co, VA Will Book  1 pg. 107

1754 23 May. Indenture between Moses Yarbrough and Gabriel Fowlkes of Amelia Co, VA and John Fowlkes of Hanover Co, VA...800 acres on Nottoway river..part of a patent granted to Samuel, William, Hezekiah and Moses Yarborough  5 June 1746.  Amelia Co, VA Deed Book 5 pg. 154.

1754 27 June.  Will of Hezekiah Yarborough presented in court by Moses Yarborough, executor therein.....Amelia Co, VA Order Book 3 pg. 179

1755 Feb. Court.  William Torborn vs. Moses Yarbrough, Exr. of Hezekiah Yarbrough, decd. Amelia Co, VA Order Book 3 pg. 214

1755 June Court.  William Tarborn  vs. Moses Yarbrough, Exr.  Hezekiah Yarbrough, dec'd.  Amelia Co, VA  Order Book 3, pg. 241.

1756 3 Mar.  Will of Moses Yarborough.  Proven 22 Apr. 1756.  "Very sick and weak" leaves sister Priscilla Yarbrough all his lands and estate.  Names sister Priscilla executrix.  Wits:  Thomas Yarbrough, Richard Stone, and Henry Yarbrough.  Amelia Co, VA Will Book  1 pg. 119.

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