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Virgil Denton

This is a picture of my dad's family.

On the far right is my father, Virgil Monroe Denton. Next to him is his father, Clarence Denton. Then is his mother, Mary Kathrene Fisher Denton Dirk. And last, but not least, my dad's sister, Lorene Denton Gates. The picture isn't that good but it is the only picture I have of my father.

My father was born and raised in Mountain View, Howell County, Missouri, on March 5, 1930. He enlisted in the AAF - American Armed Forces in 1947. He was discharged in 1951. Virgil re-enlisted in USAF - United States Air Force the next day. After Virgil joined the Air Force he stayed there till his retirement in 1967. At the time of my birth, in 1961, his rank was Airman First Class.

Virgil and my mother, Lois Jean Duvall Evans were married September 8, 1957. I don't know where yet but since my father was stationed at Andrews Air Force Base in 1958, I am presuming they got married in or around the Washington, D.C. area. **UPDATE**

My parents got divorced sometime in 1962, less than a year after I was born, and as a result I never got to meet him or his family. Sometime thereafter, Virgil remarried. I only have her first name as Shirley.

In 1967, Virgil retired from the Air Force and entered Bethesda Naval Hospital, where he passed away in August, 1973.

If you are in the Air Force or were during the years of 1947-1967 and served with Virgil Monroe Denton, or you just knew him, please contact me at and tell me about my father. The things I am wanting to know were his likes, dislikes, hobbies, and the type of person he was.

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