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This is a Genealogy site.

Genealogy of Elaine Denton

The search for my family began just trying to find my father. He died before I was even old enough to think about trying to find him. On these pages is the results of my search and how far this search has taken me. These pages include all branches of my family going as far back as I can possibly trace it.

Information has come from several sources but mostly from the web. I have several newfound cousins that I talk to as often as I can and hope to meet in person one day very soon. Mary, Weldon and Chester thanks for all of your input on the family. I have also had limited contact with some other cousins from different branches on the Denton side of the family. This side of the family includes, but not limited too, such  names as Dentons, Yarbers, Whittimores, and Fishers.

On the maternal side going back, I have made contact with a distant cousin that has with his research made searching one branch on this side a lot easier. Thanks, Mike!! I also need to add many, many thanks to David, another cousin of sorts (haven't  worked it out as far as how many times removed) who has given me files on the Painters and Caves and an as yet incomplete file on the Mayes. Besides these names, there are also Knights, Comers, Prices and the very mysterious Duvalls.

I also have to say that if it weren't for the help of a very dear friend this endeavor would not have been possible. She has been my rock and has done the compiling of the data I have sent to her. Karron, thanks so much for your hard work and knowledge in helping make all this possible.

If you see any names in the files (soon to be coming) or anyone in the pictures, please feel very free to contact me as I am always willing to share the information I have.  If it weren't for the efforts and sharing of the above named individuals I wouldn't have the information I have.

I wish everyone the same good luck in the search for their roots that I have had.  Everything I have found out has been since January 2000, and I am receiving more information faster than Karron, as she is fond of saying, can process it so bear with us while we get it all sorted out. But, she is plugging right along.

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Genealogy of Elaine Denton.

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