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During the time of sorrow we learn how much our friends really mean to us
Your expression of sympathy will
always be treasured


The obituaries on this page will all be related to my Dentons in some way or other, whether by blood or by marriage.
If you have one to add feel free to contact me and I will gladly add it to this section.

Agnes Davidson
Andrew Anderson Denton
Bertha Mae Yarber Flood
Clyde C. Yarber
James Howard "Shorty" Denton
Lee Walter Flood
Madge Davidson
Mary Katherine Denton Dirk
Maxine Gladys Yarber
Rena Elizabeth Hunt Yarber

Clarence Edward Denton

Virgil Monroe Denton

Shirley Denton


If you or anyone you know has any obits that would fit in with these lines please feel free to pass them along since I am doing all the Related Families of the Dentons.

***Some survivors names have been omitted from the obituaries for the obvious reason that they might still be living.  If there is a survivor name listed it is because I know personally that the person has since passed on.***

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