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My Brick Walls

I list these not in alphabetical order but more in chronological order.  Starting with the most recent and going back.  If you have any info on any of these names, no matter how small, email me!
Only by sharing can we all find what we are searching for.

William Fisher and Lucy Cherow
(these two listed together as the info I have at the moment is the same)
This is the spelling on my paternal grandmother's social security application.  She married William Fisher in the late 1890's(?).  Marriage date guestimated due to Mary Kathrene Fisher's (their daughter, my dad's mother) birthdate of 1901, in Calhoun, Henry County, Missouri.  There were also two other children: Alfred and Louella.  Louella married a Fletcher.  I have since learned that the spelling is actually Sherrow.

  Elisha T. Whittemore
(based on three emails from Margaret Vanstory)

The family is listed on the 1850 census in Cherekee Co. Ga, the 1860 census in Pickens Co. GA, and in Dawson Co. GA in 1870. Ann Whittemore died 28 Dec. 1873 and is buried a Sardis Cemetery in Alcorn Co. MS. I don't know if Elisha T. died in GA or MS, I have not found a marker for him. William R. Whittemore, Andrew and Julia Yarber, Sarah and Albert Toller and
Thomas and Emaline Yarber are all living next door to each other on the 1880 Alcorn Co. MS census. I have copies of old letters from Lafayette Whittemore in the early 1900's from Ballground GA. I do not have any information on the other siblings. Margaret

If this Julia Ann Whittemore was born about 1856 in Ga, she is probably the sister of my great grandfather William R. Whittemore. I have no information on her after the 1880 Alcorn Co. MS census where she is listed on page 288, Julia is age 25 born in GA, husband Andrew W. Yarber age 30, born in GA,  children: Eliza A. age 8, born in GA, Paralee age 5 born in MS (it is possible this is Pearl), Charles A age 2 born in Ms. and Eliza Ann age 56 (mother) born in Al. I have more information if this is your family. Margaret

After I posted a reply I checked the Yarber forum and see that this is the same family. Julia Ann's parents were Elisha T. Whittemore born 1815-1819 in SC and Ann Craige born 1 Jan. 1822 in NC. They were married 6 March 1849 in Cherokee Co. GA. Elisha was first married to ------ Coward. Children by first marriage were James N., Emaline who married Thomas S. Yarber ( don't know how he is related to Andrew), Layfayette who married Jane and stayed in GA when the family moved to MS, and Martha. Children by Ann Craige were Julia A., Sarah A. who married Albert Garney Toller, and William R. who married Mary Elizabeth Nash. I have been told that Julia and her family moved to TX. I have a picture of Julia's daughter Elizabeth who married a Cox. Margaret

Jacob Denton

No dates.  List of children with some information on them:
(this info is not 100% accurate, and will be rectified when I get more info)
William Arron  b. Oct. 1864  married American Collins and he is buried in Winona, MO (Shannon County)
Samuel Carson   b. Nov. 1865  died 25 Jan.1925 in Bunker, MO..married Sarah B. Gabble (Reynolds County)
George  b. Jan. 1873
Andrew Anderson  b. 15 June 1875 - July 11, 1936  married Pearl Isabell Yarber.
Huston  b.feb.1881 last heard of was in Alva Okla....
(Woods County)
Margret or Margaret dates unknown

We have also recently found out that Jacob was married twice.  Not sure if all children are by his first or second wife.  It has been said the only name they heard in reference to a wife was Mary.  Mary's last name could be Bly or Blythe.  The second wife was a widow named Young.  Also, it seems there was a brother William Denton.

Elizabeth Tankersly

Married Wade Yarborough January 16, 1842 in Lumpkin County, GA.


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