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In Loving Memory


This must have been Grandmother's favorite saying because she lived this every day of her long and fruitful life.  I can't recall a time when, growing up, that Grandmother wasn't busy doing something but she was never too busy to give herself to yet something else.

As I write this I am reminded of another young woman whose life was touched by knowing Grandmother.  I ran into this young woman a few months ago.  Grandmother babysat with this young woman and her brother and sister 28 years ago. As we talked, she asked how Aunt Thelma was.  Aunt had been years since I heard that name.

She taught not just her grandchildren, but everyone who came into contact with her the true meaning of "unconditional love."
As a result of Grandmother's influence we all know how to give love and how to receive love also.

Nearly 30 years later and "Aunt Thelma" is still remembered with love,
and her influence will continue to live on in our hearts and our lives.

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Written by Elaine Denton February 1999