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 Daily Programme schedule of the Ashram              


  1. To facilitate devotees to have continuous darshan, with comfort, the Pradhan Mandhir, where the Adhishtanam and the Statue of Bhagawan installed by Him are situated will be kept open between 5:30 A.M and 9 P.M. daily.
  2. Between 5:30 A.M. and 9 P.M., daily, the Meditation Hall will be made accessible to devotees and the girivalam inside the Ashram, declared as very effective by Bhagawan, can also be performed, during those hours.
  3. A Temple like structure, will be constructed in the Makhasamadhi area, inside the Pradhan Mandir and this work will commence in Tamil Month Avani, on an auspicious date, to be fixed. This work has the blessings of Pujya Sri Kanchi Acharyas and they have deputed their Asthana Sthapathi , Sri Subbiah to undertake this work. This work is expected to be completed in or about two years.
  4. Commencement of a Kindergarten School, in the name of Bhagawan Yogi Ramsuratkumer, on the foundation of our culture, dharma and     tradition, at   Thiruvannamalai, effective from the next academic year, will have top priority. In the not far off future, based on the success of the “Free Medical Camp” which is 25 months old, we have plans to build a hospital, on a  modest scale, to help the poor and needy.
  5. Providing accommodation for more number of devotees, dormitory type, in the premises of our Ashram, is also our immediate concern. The Medical Camp area can probably be utilized for this purpose, keeping it available for the camp, every second Sunday.
  6. Within a short period of time, doners will be able to obtain from the Ashram Pictures, lockets, key chains, pens, cassettes, books etc. of/on Bhagwan.
  1. In or about a short period, after scientific methods of preservation are adopted, the Sannadhi Street House where Bhagwan resided between 1976 and 1993, the Sudama House which was under Bhagawan’s occupation from late 1993 and the Abode inside the Ashram, where Bhagwan spent His later days , will be converted into memorials and kept open for devotees during fixed hours daily.

     8.  All manuscripts, pictures, negatives, videos, compact discs,

    books, and all other articles used and relating to Bhagawan, will

     be preserved, in the form of Archives. Technical advice on this

     subject is already forthcoming.

     9.  A monthly journal from the Ashram is expected to be published,

       the first copy of which, we would love to release, on the 1st of

       December 2001, the Jayanthi Day of Bhagawan. Work to get

       certain clearances is already on. The journal will contain articles

       on Bhagawan and other great Mahatmas, their pictures and

       useful spiritual material. Life subscribers and annual subscribers

       will be enrolled. Copies to devotees will also be made available

       in the Ashram premises.


10.Very soon a small booklet on Bhagawan, from His birth till the day of His leaving the body, will be released.

11.An Advisory Committee of members has been constituted to advice and assist the Ashram Administration.

12.Ma Devaki Veda Patsala Trust situated inside our Ashram compound, founded by Bhagawan and declared by Him

     as the heart of the Ashram is slowly but steadily getting equipped to serve as a Vedic Research Center.       

13.All these projects will require considerable finance. It is a rare chance, for participation in this divine

      work. Donations attract income-tax exemptions                                                     



In the service of Bhagawan,




Life – Trustee.





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Yogi Ramsuratkumar Trust

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