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Nithya Pooja


*Yogi Ramsuratkumar Jayagururaya




Dear Friends,


We have celebrated the completion of one Mandalam of our Bhagwan’s Mahasamadhi on 4th and 5th April 2001 at the Ashram at Thiruvannamalai in a very grand manner with Vedaparayanam, Vishnu sahasranamam, Purushasuktha Homam and Abishekam. Many devotees have participated in the celeberation and many other devotees must have come to know about the function through their friends. Devotees are aware that Bhagwan had given lots of importance for Veda. Bhagwan once said that daily Pooja should be performed at Kanimadam Manthralayam and incase of any disturbance in the daily Pooja it will affect this Beggar. As desired by Bhagwan only the Ashram duties are being performed. We are only the tools and Bhagwan is the one who directs and guides us. We are very fortunate.

Some devotees have earlier suggested that the expenses for the daily Pooja and the Annadhanam can be bourn by the devotees on the days they feel important for them. Everyone welcomes this suggestion and we feel that this could be the intention of Bhagwan. It has been calculated that we need around Rs500/ to 550/ for the daily Pooja. This includes the Abisheka materials, Pooja materials and Vaideeka sambhavanai. Some devotees may contribute for daily Pooja only and some may be interested to offer Annadhanam also. We give below the expected expenses for daily Pooja/Annadhanam.


1) Daily Pooja for one day                                                 Rs501/

2) Daily Pooja with Annadhanam for one day                     Rs2101/

3) Daily Pooja with Special Annadhanam for one day         Rs2501/


Devotees may indicate their options to us and we will on those dates indicated complete the desire with Bhagwan’s blessings and send the Prasadam through post. Also devotees can participate in person and get the Prasadam with Bhagwan’s blessings.

Besides the Daily Pooja, we seek Bhagwan’s blessings to perform special Pooja on the birth star of of our Bhagwan every month and on every Thursday (Guruvaram). These expenses will also be included in the daily Pooja expenses. We earnestly hope that with Bhagwan’s Grace and Blessings Devotees will come forward to offer  for daily Pooja expenses.

With Regards


Thiruvannamalai                                                                          For the Service of Bhagwan

7/4/2001                                                                                     (Sd) Ashram Administration


Contributions may kindly be forwarded to


Yogi Ramsuratkumar Ashram


1833/1, Chengam Road,

Thiruvannamalai  606603

Telephone:  04175-37567