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Sample Delayed Entry Program Discharge Letter This letter is from Helping Out: A Guide to Military Discharges and GI Rights.

[recruit's address]


Commanding Officer [no actual name is required, the title is enough]

[address of recruiting station where recruit enlisted]

Dear Commander,

I am currently a member of the Navy Delayed Entry Program scheduled to enter active duty on [date]. I am requesting complete separation from the Delayed Entry Program and the Navy. I enlisted in the Delayed Entry Program [date] at the West Portal Navy Recruiting Station in San Francisco, where I was recruited by [name of recruiter]. My request for separation is based on the following factor(s):

Since my entrance in Delayed Entry Program, my mother's arthritic condition has worsened considerably. I am the oldest child in my family with two siblings aged 7 and 12. My mother now has great difficulty doing simple household chores and her doctor has informed her that her condition is likely to deteriorate further. She now feels that she must have my help at home to take care of my brothers.

In addition, in the past 5 months I have had a complete change of career plans. I had planned on becoming a technician at the time of joining the Navy, but now I have decided to become a graphic artist. I was hired by Schmidt Advertising on January 19, 1990. They plan to provide me with further training on the job. With this job I will still be able to live at my family home.

Therefore, I request separation from the Delayed Entry Program and the Navy, and I hereby request prompt processing of this separation request. In the event that this separation request has not been fully processed on the date I am scheduled to report for active duty, I request an extension in my delay status until my separation request has been finally decided.

Sincerely, [recruit's name and social security number]

The GI Rights Hotline (800) 394-9544 (215) 563-4620 Fax (510) 465-2459 630 Twentieth Street #302 Oakland, CA 94612

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