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Why Tygress?

So anyway why do a fan club about Tygress? Okay well read on for the answer...

Anyway, we thought we may get this question so allow me to tell you. The story goes like this...I was working on some fan clubs for one of my faves and another one for a friend of mine. My sis-in-law decides she wanted me to do her one as well. So I was like but who do you want to do one for? We concluded that most of the wrestlers either already had fan clubs and that it would probably be harder to make those OFFICIAL clubs anyway. Then we thought of the women of wrestling...I told her about all the other clubs like Tori's Team, Tammy's Team, Gorgeous George's Gang, Debra's Disciples, Dawn Marie's Disciples, and so on. Anyway, she thought of the Nitro Girls...she was like you have that fan site for Fyre and there's a fan club out there for Spice(Spice's Soldiers) so why cant I make one for my fave NG? I said cool and since Tygress is her fave and almost every other NG has a fan club we decided Ty would be our chosen one!!! The name was just something that came off the top of our heads...All we knew was that we didnt wanna be Tygress's "Team"*LOL*!!!

So there you have it, all about why we started this club and how it all came about!! Anyway, enjoy the page and take care!!! Don't forget to join the club!!!